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hi there, new to the forums :)

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  • hi there, new to the forums :)

    Hey there, thought i'd introduce myself.
    I'm from Brisbane, QLD, Australia and i've been playing percussion for 15yrs, drums for 12
    formal training includes 4-5yrs at QLD conservatorium where i recieved my Bachelor of music in percussion, majoring in performance, and i currently work as a percussion/drum tutor (home business) and as a casual orchestral percussion for The Queensland Orchestra.
    my training prior to drumset really helped me, i have no real formal training for drumkit, basically taught myself from the age of 12, which was made easier with my percussion background.

    my studio consists of the following:

    Yamaha Stage Custom Advance
    Meinl Ride and HiHats (old school, love the sound)
    Ziljian a custom 16" fast crash
    Bosphorus 16" dark crash
    10" Istanbul Splash
    Using EMad head on the bass (fully sealed)
    ec2's on toms
    Renaissance head on the snare

    Roland Td9k
    Asus c2d 1.66 F3 Laptop, 3gb ram
    Tascam 122L (midi/audio device)
    Cubase LE4
    Addictive Drums

    loving the ekit at the moment. recording through cubase with addictive drums is amazing.. i'm sure i'll ask a lot of questions in the future!!

    And ofcourse, here are some piccies
    Practive, record and teach in my studio, both percussion and drumset:

    here's something i recorded a coupleof days ago; just a small track from the td9 module, recorded through cubase using addictive drums

    right click and save target as



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    Firstly, Welcome to the forums! Nice kits/studio!! Life on an ekit just gets better and better!! Also enjoyed the jazz sample you posted, sounds great!!


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      What'd you do, stand on the marimba to take the third picture?

      Welcome and feel free to roam around trying out all the nifty stuff here.



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        Nice e-version of this acoustic set


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          thanks dudes, this forum's already helped me alot over the last week, esp with my recording adventures.

          big bopper, stood on a chair (using my 10-20mm ultrawide angle lens)


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            Welcome to the forum. Those are nice kits you got there. Will you eventually go with mesh on your e-kit?

            Roland TD-8 Mod, DIY burgandy Mapex drums 12" snare, 8" 10" and 12" rack toms, 14" rack floor tom, 22" Bass drum , 3 cy-15r cymbals, one for the ride 2 for the crashes and cy-14c for hi hat.

            Songs i've recorded using my old TD-7

            My drum kit


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              definately. mesh on all drums soon enough.. probably 10's for the toms and a 12 for the snare.. at this point tho i'm content!


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                Great track! Welcome to the forums. We don't even mind you guys from the prsion colony.


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                  Welcome aboard! Love Brisbane! I visited your city a long, loooooog time ago and performed with a group at Expo '88 (there, that should sufficiently date me).

                  Hope to visit Down Under again sometime, but I'll have to settle for chatting about drums with our Aussie reps here in the meantime.

                  Again, we're happy to have you joining us.
                  >>>See my E-kit here<<<

                  >>>See my A-kit here<<<


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                    Welcome audi-tone,

                    We're pretty well represented here in Oz, though we seem to be scattered across the country. Look forward to your input after reading your quals.

                    btw - I like your little djembe on the shelf - nearly matches my logo :-)