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Decreasing Sequencer Vol.

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  • Decreasing Sequencer Vol.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum.

    I have a Roland TD20BK V-Drums...loving it.

    My question has to do with how loud the sequences are (used for practicing obviously) versus the kit.

    I toggled the mixer back and forth finally to discover the volume faders for each piece will also increase the volume for the sequence being played.

    In some cases the sequence is so loud it hurts versus my playing. I always check the trigger level so it's up high in the green but stays out of the red as much as possible.

    Where is the master volume for _Sequences_Only_ ???

    I want my kit to remain the same volume level but the sequences played at a lower level.

    Otherwise I suppose I'll have to use the Mix to practice which is less convenient.

    Thanks in advance, and hello, introducing...myself.

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    There's no volume level for preset patterns other than the PERC and BACKING faders. (If you copy a preset pattern to a user pattern with PATTERN, EDIT, COPY then you can use PART, MIXER to set the volume of each part within that pattern.) But toggling the faders between top and bottom functions with the FADER button doesn't mean that the pattern part levels affect the kit instrument levels, so lowering PERC and BACKING faders should be all that you need.