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new electronic drummer!

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  • new electronic drummer!

    Hey, whats up I have been playing acoustic drums for 7 years, and now I just bought a Roland TD6 with the mesh snare off ebay! I am very excited to start with electronic drums and see what they are all about.

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    Hey matey, welcome to the forum, i think you'll like it here.

    How's the TD6 treating you?


    • #3
      Thanks!, I just won the auction today so hopefully I will be receiving it soon.


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        Ah excellent, i think you'll be pleased, Roland are ace!

        Keep me posted to how it is and stuff


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          Nice... welcome to the forum. Are you moving away from the A's or did you get some E's for practice?


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            Yay!! welcome aboard! I'm new here too but it's a very welcoming community!

            I had a TD-6 and I think you will quickly fall in love with them. Try hooking your mp3 player into the mix in... behold the magic
            TD10 expanded KD120/PD9/PD100/PD120 playing through a Phillips surround sound system lol



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              I am not going to move away from acoustics, its just the room where they are is where the main tv of our house is so sometimes its difficult to find time playing when everyone is watching a movie or something. I think I will have a lot of fun with the electronic kit as I like to play along with my ipod and stuff.