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Thanks Vdrums!

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  • Thanks Vdrums!

    Just wanted to introduce myself and also i love this forum! I've been lurking around for a while trying to makea decision on what to buy as I've sold my A kit to go E for a while (practicing at home ftw).

    I just ordered my brand new hart 6.4 chrome kit today from RMCaudio (thanks for the recommendation vdrums!)

    Also thanks for the tennis ball platform - surely this is invaluable information!

    I will be in heaven in t minus 5 days.

    You guys rock!

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    Cool stuff matey, welcome to the forum.


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      Pass along your impressions and reviews of the Hart kit. We have plenty of satisfied Hart users here and over at edrumming but it never hurts to have another voice in the chorus.

      TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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        No, you rock! I just sway slightly from side to side. Make sure you post pictures.


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          Originally posted by eternal beat View Post
          I just ordered my brand new hart 6.4 chrome kit today from RMCaudio
          Sweeeeet! Another member of the happy Hart club! Let us know what you think of them when they arrive. Congrats!
          >>>See my E-kit here<<<

          >>>See my A-kit here<<<


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            Welcome mate. Let us know how you get on with those Harts. I only know Roland so any insight into something else is very welcome.


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              Welocme aboard EB and bump to what everyone else has said about Hart


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                Welcome....excellent choice in hardware! What module are you going to use?


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                  Well I thought it might be a good idea to go module-less and get that cheapo Alesis trigger I/o and run software samples...

                  I did read all the threads and Joe_K's review of the unit but since it was only roland pads i figured all the problems he was having had to do with roland not being compatible... I have not had a very pleasant experience with it so far with Hart pads. I still have not been able to get the hihat to work very well AT ALL, and the other pads/cymbals just have horrible response. No dynamics and just bad triggering. After re-reading all the threads I believe these problems 100&#37; have to do with Alesis.

                  I am pleased with the hart hardware, great feel and look to them! Even my wife said "Wow, they look like REAL drums!" Hopefully when i get a real module they will be much more playable.

                  Suffice to say I'll probably be getting a TD-20 since it does everything i want and i wouldn't be pleased with something half ass and use it as a TMI rather than the cheapo Alesis I/o and run DFHS 2.0 (when it comes out... soon i think).