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Yet another music lover

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  • Yet another music lover

    Greetings, Vdrums members, and it's my pleasure to be able to join such a welcoming and informative community, here! Thank You!

    About myself, I'm a self taught musician, who enjoys playing electric guitar, electric bass guitar, keyboards, and singing. I'm just getting into building my first drum set, as a more basic version of JmanWord's acoustic/electronic PDP's.

    JmanWord has already inspired me, and others that I've already also referred here, with such a kind and helpful attitude, and I hope to share the knowledge that I learn, with others who also have a desire to learn and improve their musical skills. (As Always, Thanks Again, Jerry!)

    I'm looking forward to spending time here with all of you, to learn from, and to share my own experiences, as I approach the new and exciting realm of "Beginning Drumming 101". LOL

    See you around...

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    Great to see another multi instrumentalist here JS. Welcome aboard
    Like you, Jerry's V Monster was the spark that started me on my kit building frenzy!! .... and the wealth of information and sharing of ideas and concepts on this forum is just awesome


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      I've already seen your setup, SP, and I'm impressed, amazed, fascinated, and humbled, by some of the setups and skills that I've seen here!

      I've had my PDP EZ kit for 2 years, didn't even have a chance to open it and look at it, as I didn't have space to set it up. I unexpectedly found a bigger house (with a bigger yard, and 3 garages), bought it, and moved in just last year!

      Now that I have the space, I started doing research on "Do It Yourself electronic drums", which referenced Jerry's PDP conversion to my kit, and referred me here for more involved technical discussion.

      While some may cringe at a TD-7 module, I wanted to go cheap and basic, to learn with, for now, but eventually will upgrade to a TD12 or 20 module or complete set, as I trade off other hobbies (collecting musclecars, except for current gas prices) for my music hobby.

      Now that you know a little about me, and what I have to work with, Thanks again for welcoming me, and for future opinions, suggestions, and advice that I look forward to receiving and applying to my newfound hobby!