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Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  • Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Hello all, I am new to vdrumming (just got a new TD-12 kit) and want to know what it can do. I currently just play my MP3 player into the kit and play along. The instruction manual is hard to read at best... I have read various threads on this site, but don't understand much of the terms being used. I would like to record my playing etc. Also would like to learn how to separate out the drums on prerecorded music. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It needs to be in layman’s terms for the “mentally impaired”.
    Thanks all,

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    I feel the best option for recording is you computer. As for removing the drums from prerecorded tracks, this can't be done. Use the search engine and you will find lots of info on different recording techniques..
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      Thanks. Do you recommend any software in particular?


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        oops sorry wrong post
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          Theres so much out there both commercial and free. I haven't kept up to date on whats available at the moment, not like I used to, so I won't recommend anything particular. Check out the link below they have everything you would ever need, some freeware, keep in mind you want something that multitracks so you can use it to play back the track and record your drums to it at the same time and recording in midi is a great way to go if your computer has the ability. Keep it simple to start with as it can be a very steep learning curve with some of the more complex programs...

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            A great free audio program is Audacity.
            But before you do any recording, make sure you have a decent audio interface. The built-in line and mic jacks are going to be of very low quality.


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              Thanks for the information. Please forgive the ignorance, but I’m not even sure what you mean by a good audio interface. Is this a hardware unit that must be purchased? The built-in line and mic jacks that you refer to are the ones on the TD-12 or on the computer? Again I am only at step one. Thanks for the help and patience.


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                I assume you want to hear yourself playing to other tracks based on your first post question about dropping the drum track.

                He is basically saying that if you are going from your module directly to the computers sound card, don't expect studio quality. That shouldn't stop you from trying.

                I have never gone from module to PC but I have gone from module to digital recorder and then to PC (using the SB Live card that came with the PC). As long as you send a reasonable level from your module to your sound card, I don't see why you can't do this and have semi-decent results. Make sure the levels are low when you start. You don't want to burn up your sound card. Setting your levels is key.
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                  Hi, thanks for all the valuable information. I am also looking for a way to not only drop the drum track off of a prerecorded song, but also to isolate the drum track to figure out what the guy is actually doing. Is this technology out there?


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                    Im with you Blackhawk. In my era, the hieght of technolgy was a tape recorder. What do ya mean whats a tape recorder ????. I thought an audio interface was your ears. And a midi, well, that was a type of skirt back in the 60's. Slightly longer than a mini, I think. Oh and jack plugs, I remember them. You could take them apart and re-solder the wires when they stopped working.

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                      Hi Blackhawk.. I have not had my TD12 for very long and had trouble understanding what I could do with my kit. The book is not very good and I am one of those guys that like to be shown how to do things.. I found a great DVD that does not cost alot and covers the TD12 and the TD20. It shows how to operate most all of the functions on your unit. It will show you how to record yourself for playblack as well as how to create you own loops and effects that you can play too or add as an effect when playing. It covers all of what you book does and much more but you can see what to do on the screen. I played and paused it as I learnt how to use my TD12. I have to say that I learnt how to use my kit from this DVD and now better understand what the book is talking about when I use it as a reference.

                      Here is a link to the site you can get the DVD from and also you can click on a demo to see what it's all about. I hope I have been some help to you, I found this DVD helped me get out of my brain dead state after reading the book.



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                        See I told you I was a bit brain dead... I did not give the link did I ....

                        I did very bad things too myself years ago, and now I have trouble making myself work properly...... Medication Time...

                        Here is the link



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                          Thanks to Black Widow. I ordered the disk, and will watch it. I think it will be a good start. And thanks to John B. for understanding!


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                            Getting music without the drums is pretty much hit-and-miss. Search this forum and the web at large for "drumless tracks" and you'll find a good many sites that have such music posted, some free of charge, some not. A few will have the drum track on one channel and the music on the other, but most will simply be drumless and leave it up to you as to figure out exactly what to play.

                            The easiest and cheapest way to record is to go from the direct out left channel of your module (which functions as monoraul output when used alone) and use an adapter to plug it into the MIC IN or LINE IN on your computer. Unfortunately, most computer sound cards, especially laptop sound cards are not of very high quality. You might need to get an external audio interface that plugs into your USB2 or Firewire port, or in the case of a desktop computer, replaces your stock sound card.

                            Both Mac and Windows will have some kind of recorder program already on them, but to do any decent editing, you will need a program dedicated to the task. Two good freeware programs are Audacity and Reaper. They are not as easy to figure out as other programs you will pay $100+ for but they have forums like this one you can turn to when you get stuck.

                            Ultimately, the best way to learn is to dive in. You'll find lots of friendly people here and elsewhere ready to lend a hand when you have problems.
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                              Thanks. I hate to have people "dumb it down" for me, but I am way behind in this area. I am beginning to get the feeling that I need more than my TD-12 and a laptop. I have downloaded Audacity, and look forward to figuring it out. I will see what I need for sound quality on the computer to record, and will look at either a sound card, or something else.
                              Is there no software out there that will "extract or isolate the drum tract"? I would like to isolate the drums to either listen to them, or get rid of them, and replace with my own drumming. Or is L/R channel drum tracks the only option?