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One more newbie

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  • One more newbie

    Hello all. I've been voyeuring the site for a few days now. I've finally obtained the permission of my financial advisor, otherwise known as my lovely wife, to dip my toe in the waters of vdrumming. Her other choice was to put up with an accoustic kit until we convinced the neighbor's to pay for soundproofing the basement.

    From what I've seen, I think the TD 3 kit is good for me. The cheaper on-line stores are in the right price frame, and the re-sale of Roland kits seems to be better than other manufacturers. Re-sale, of course being for upgrades.

    By the way, I'm new to forums, so forgive me if I ask or do dumb stuff for the first bit.

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    And remember, there are no stupid questions - just stupid people.(A little nod to South Park)


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      Welcome to the land of insomniac drummers, ancient giggers, and the others. Theres a wealth of experience and knowledge here. Both E's and A's. Dont just dip your toe, jump in up to your neck.


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        Welcome to the forum. I'm very happy with my TD3 but I am just a dubber drummer. What do you intend to use an e kit for? Practice, studio, dubber (like me), playing out etc..??
        TD9 Frankenkit


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          I guess it's what you call drubbing. I played from Jr High (middle school for all you youngsters) through college. Marching band in H.S. (tri-toms - out school got quads the year after I grad.). Accoustic set in college. My doc says I have to reduce stress; thus the drums!

          Anyway, if anybody needs a drummer for a major rock tour, I'm available. My wife and kids come too. She REEAAALLLYYY likes Duran Duran. BTW - I saw Your Vegas at their Cary (Raleigh), NC show and was really impressed. If those guys keep their style up, they are gonna be BIG!


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            I will probably get flammed but Roger Taylor from Duran Duran is one of my favorite drummers. I was hoping his kit from the 80's would have been featured in the vexpression kits for the TD10E but it is only for the TD20. Welcome aboard, I am a newbie as well.
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              Welcome. You are in good company for asking and doing dumb stuff, so don't be shy.

              If we didn't do or ask dumb stuff, how would we know what was smart?

              Now, assume the position!

              csnow - Nobody's gonna flame you, or if they try they can deal with me and a few others.
              I happen to like most everything from Air Supply to ZZ Top, but I don't remember very much about Duran Duran. So what? I'm sure you'll enlighten me.



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                Thanks to csnow's remark about John, my wife is now a big fan of this site. She's asking me when I can get a TD20 for the '80's kit.


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                  Welcome to the site. I am new to this site also. My wife is a big fan of Duran Duran too. They had some good stuff in the 80's. I always thought it would be cool to tour with the wife and kids. Although I have no touring experience. I really don't know what it would be like.
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                  Songs i've recorded using my old TD-7

                  My drum kit