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Yet Another Lurker No More

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  • Yet Another Lurker No More

    Hi from another RockBand schmuck with the drummer bug. I've always been interested in drums but avoided them until I opened the door with RockBand. I know there's a big difference but I believe I'll enjoy it. I also hope drums will be good for me to exercise my wrists and feet as a 30-something guy who sits at the computer all day.

    I took the plunge today and ordered a Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit which I plan on converting.

    FYI, here's the deal I got. 419USD with free shipping and cheap Pearl throne.

    Many questions and and hopefully some answers eventually to follow.

    Thanks for viewing and thanks in past and future for all your help!

    Additionally, for any past or present Rhythm Traveler DIYers, any and all advice specific to this kit is appreciated.

    Special thanks to Rain_Man and Hidden_Agenda for your purchase of the same kit. Reviews are good but nice to know there are votes of confidence from this forum also.

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the conversion! Keep us posted on the developments....


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      RockBand got me back playing after selling my set back in 85.


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        Welcome to Vdrums! That's pretty cool. Look forward to seeing your conversion. I would be especially interested in how you go about the bass drum conversion. Hope you post tips and pics!
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        "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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          That will be an awesome kit for conversion, and if I'm not mistaken the Rhythm Traveller comes with mesh muffle heads to boot!

          For the kick, I'd be inclined to set a KD-8 inside to keep the stealth look but provide flawless triggering. Just a suggestion. We look forward to whatever you come up with!

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            Thanks for the posts!

            This will be a slow conversion as I'm not all that handy but I will try to take picks.

            Planning on doing something like mikejl46's conversion:

            I'm also debating on tackling the Megadrum module for that extra DIY touch but my laziness is crying out just buy a Alesis I/O. I've heard they're not that great even though RET kits appear to do well with them. Probably good enough for me until I get good enough to notice the difference.

            Yep, the Rhythm Traveler does also come with mesh heads. Reviews say the cymbals are rubbish so plan on converting those also. Haven't seen a setup of kick pad inside of bass drum but definitely will keep it in mind if I am not happy with triggering. Mikejl46 said his bucket bass was comparable to a KD8.

            I've taken the first bite, just trying to make sure I can chew it all.