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  • Howdy

    Hey everybody,

    Just bought a set of roland td-20s last week after playing a-drums for nearly 30 years, and I've been very impressed with them so far. I have a ton of questions, that I'll get to in the appropriate areas and in time. But, the first question I have is about the mesh heads. I've always been a heavy hitter, and I'm finding that habbit hard to break now on the e-drums. Whats the life expectancy of these things, and have any of you broken a mesh head?

    Thanks, and look forward to "talking" to you guys/girls in the furture!

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    Hey There. Welcome. Just bought a set of 20's myself. Good to have you here.

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      The concensus is that the Roland mesh heads are nearly indestructible.

      There have been several discussions about mesh heads, and even the heaviest hitters agree that the Rolands are the most durable.

      e-drums really don't need to be played hard, but I too find it difficult to restrain myself when I'm really getting into a song...

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        Hey, welcome Bootslrll, You should not have any problems with most mesh heads. I've tried them all and the Pearls are the weakest. I did break two of those, but I don't think I had them on tight enough. The Rolands, Hart Magnums and Alien Skins are all indestructable with normal playing. Inspect your stick tips from time to time to make sure they don't have burrs or sharp spots.


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          What Drumslinger said.

          More robust than A heads but discolour. Hart Magnums are supposed to be less bouncy.

          Welcome to the club.


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            Another welcome bootslrll
            You'll find lots of helpful folks around here.