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  • Intro

    Hello Everybody,

    I have to admit, this is not the real intro as I already have posted into the forum with a question.
    So here is the post-intro:
    I registered to this forum because I want to buy a v-drum set.
    I am not really a drummer but want to have a drum set which is easy to record, to use it as a midi trigger (EZDrummer etc…), neighbour friendly, cat friendly and fun to play (in reverse order).
    I figured the Roland series is the best and more, it is available in my neighbourhood…

    So here I am and I might come up with more questions, ones the shop is able to deliver and I start to drum away.

    Thanks for running this forum,


  • #2
    At first glance I thought you typed "Thanks for ruining this forum." I said, "Hey, this post is about me!"

    Welcome. I am sure you will love your Roland Kit. And have a lot more questions!


    • #3
      Havnt tried other E kits but I can safely say that after gigging with A's for 25 years Im very happy with this Roland kit.