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Hi folks ~ new forumite's intro post

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  • Hi folks ~ new forumite's intro post

    Hi Folks,
    Have just signed-up to this great forum after lurking for a while (mostly on the DIY topic).

    One regulation mid-life crisis TD3 kit for birthday last summer, so have been working at this for nearly a year now and making some sloooow progress ~ having fun all the way. Am now thinking about having a go at making some mesh-head eToms to upgrade my TD3's solid pads so will be off down to the DIY section to get help on a few decisions I'm still struggling with.

    Looking forwards to hopefully being able to contribute something in the future; many thanks to everyone who posts useful info on here for the benefit of everyone else (especially me .


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    Hi Nick

    Hi Nick, hope ya well and welcome ...

    I'm gonna be finishing off my DIY snare soon, it's good fun

    Lotsa good info here too. If ya need any help just whistle.

    WEBSITE - http://www.diamondelectronicdrums.com/
    YOUTUBE CHANNEL - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVB...?feature=guide
    FACEBOOK me at ... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...83235555050736
    :eek: ...
    Showcase 1 - http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=253
    Showcase 2 - http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=354


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      Hi Nick. Bump to Daveybabes on the help with your toms too. Thanks to the wonderful info on this forum, I am about to do a DIY on eight new toms I have just purchased. I'm still awaiting the Roland mesh heads but the toms arrived in the shop today and I'll be picking them up tomorrow
      It is wonderful having such an active DIY community here to bounce ideas off and to share collective wisdom


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        good luck Nick! lotta work but well worth the effort having your own conversion.


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          Hi Nick and welcome to the asylum.

          Wish I had the time to spend on DIY but I aint got that many years left and Id rather spend my time playing.

          Good luck mate, and may all your questions be answered.


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            WELCOME to the V-Drum Forum !! Have fun with your project and always
            try to play more than you build !!! Enjoy, E
            Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.


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              Welcome to the forum Nick. Hope you'll enjoy your stay
              TD-20 brain, TDW-20 expanded! MDS-20BK, 3x PD125, 2x PD105, 3x CY-14C, CY-15R, CY-12R/C, Hart ECII-10B, VH-11, KD-120, Tama IronCobra Rolling Glides and pearl hardware.
              Loving it every second..


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                Hey folks,
                Many thanks for the warm welcome and encouragement.
                Will definately try to make sure I spend more time drumming that DIY-ing (that's certainly the skill where I need to improve... just can't resist making things!)