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Start to learn drumming with TD-3KW ?

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  • Start to learn drumming with TD-3KW ?

    Where I work we have this nice Pearl acoustic kit (which has never really been taken care of), so I started to 'torture' it trying myself with some basic rock pattern or following some tune from the karaoke system. Doing so the old desire to learn some drumming came back...

    I can't have an acoustic kit at my boarding place. I browsed around and got the idea that an electronic drum kit could be a good compromise, confirmed by a kind shop assistant/drummer who demoed 3 different drum-kits for me and said that with e-drums now there is a good level of dynamics and sounds to enjoy learning/playing.

    I browsed and saw TD-3KW kit as the compromise between financial limitations and beginner needs to start drumming, but I also have some doubts.

    1) the Hi-hat issue (FD8 Controller): in the first lessons I got from 'Basic Rock Drums' book there is 'Controlled Hi-hat' sound, which is hitting the open Hi-hat then closing with pedal - is it possible to obtain that sound on TD-3 kits or it just will stop 'open sound' with a 'chick / closed soun' ?

    2) later on if I should need 'expansion' of my kit, I can change the sound module or just hook it up to a computer to have new sounds, right? but is that possible to handle '3-zones' pads (like the Ride cymbal) on a TD-3?

    Thanks for any good advice folks!

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    If I understand your question, the answer to #1 is yes. Hitting the open hi hat then closing it while it is still reverberating produces the sound I think you are looking for.

    The ride cymbal question depends on what you hook it up to, which is module based.
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      The FD8 gives you your full range of sticking sounds. Its one fault is the click sound when you depress the pedal. Its either very faint or in the case of my pedal, given up the ghost completely. You can modify it, (there is a comprehensive thread here on this site to do this), if your that way inclined, and feel you need it.