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Got my kit together

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  • Got my kit together

    Hi guys, been here about a month and just got my e-kit.Just picked up drumming 2 days ago, so not any good but want to learn.(30 years old)

    Drum pads and rack for the Express iv special, and express iii module is my kit.

    everything works great except i didnt recieve a module brocket to clamp that down, and my 3-zone crash cymbal (130SC 3-zone cymbal pad ) only makes 2 sounds. the edge hit sounds and the big circle part. not the very top sound close to the bolts that hold it in place. my ride cymbal (PCY150S 3-zone ride ) makes 3 sounds.

    any ideas?

    and jsut a question for a new user, where should i start?haha. anyways thanks guys and hope to have to some progress playing in the coming years.

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    On the DTXpress III module, only inputs 2 (snare), 6 (ride) and 7 (crash1) are 3-zone capable.

    - Are you using any of the above referenced inputs for the 130cs?

    - You state the edge and bow are working, but not the bell. Are you able to get different sounds on the edge and bow? If not, check to ensure your using a stereo cable and not a mono one.

    - Have you tried the 150s in the same input as the 130cs to determine if all three zones are present on the 150s? If the 150s cymbal does have all three zones, it could be your 130cs cymbal that's the problem.

    - Did you check to see in the trigger settings that it's set for PCY-1 or PCY-2?

    If none of this resolves your problem, take a look at the DTXpress III section at this self-help site for Yamaha modules. Good luck. Wes

    TD-20exp module/TD-10exp * VH-12 hh * Gibraltar hh stand * 4 Hart Hammers * 2-22" kicks w/Pintech triggers & Blastech mesh * 1-14" snare w/Pintech triggers & Hart mesh *2-10", 2-12" & 2-14" roto toms w/Quartz triggers & Hart mesh * 7 PCY-150 cymbals