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Time to stop lurking and start contributing

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  • Time to stop lurking and start contributing

    Hello vdrums.com forum,
    I've been lurking on here for the last couple of months and have picked up a lot of great info and thought it was time for me to reciprocate when I can. To that end, I have registered and am now able to contribute to discussions. My name is Brandon and I live in east Tennessee, United States. I've played drumset for 21 years and have limited experience with electronic percussion as my first attempt consisted of Barcus-Berry triggers and an Alesis DM-5 on my Pearl Export kit about 12 years ago. Needless to say, the end result left much to be desired. However, having first played a TD-10 kit about 8 years ago I was sold on the responsiveness and control of the new technology. I'm in the process now of selling both of my acoustic kits and other goodies I have lying around to afford my venture into the e-kit realm. I've been inspired by many of the wonderful kits on this forum, I even have one as the background on my laptop.
    A little more about me, I'm 32 years old. I have been married for 12 years and have a 8 year old daughter. My wife is a minister and works for a television station. I'm just finishing my first year in graduate school (clinical psychology Ph.D. program). I've had extensive experience in multimedia for our church and have installed projection and sound systems. I'm hoping to be a productive member of the forum and look forward to intriguing and intellectually stimulating conversations.
    Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.

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    WELCOME Brandon to the V-Drum forum. Great people with great tips
    are here for everyone !! Take care and enjoy your new E-Kit soon !!!
    Eric G: Pearl,Paiste,Remo,Vic Firth,Gibraltar,Roc-n-Soc,Roland TD-6V, Lots of Vex and mesh all around.


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      Boy, you're certainly more revealing of yourself than the vast majority of members of this forum. Let me guess! You're into Carl Rogers and are setting the foundation to relate to everyone here in the form of an empathetic response. :^)

      That said, you have an excellent background in drumming for contributing to the discussions and learning that available around here.

      Incidentally, if this is only your first year of graduate studies toward a Ph.D., you've got some serious work ahead of you for a considerable amount of time. Personally, I would rather have two Masters degrees than one Ph.D. . . . , Oh, pardon me, I almost forgot that I happen to have two Masters degrees. Isn't that a coincident?
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        I got a licence to drive a truck last year... seriously welcome...
        My Kit


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          Yeah, I've got 3 years of course work, 1 year internship, post doc, then sitting for state licensing exams. I'm hoping to be making money before I'm 40. I'm more partial to Frankl than Rogers, but his perspective is interesting.
          Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.


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            welcome mr.P, i'm sure you know things which you could teach us!


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              A clinical psychologist? Three of my personalities welcomes you The other four are undecided.
              chris :D


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                Originally posted by bogiesbad View Post
                A clinical psychologist? Three of my personalities welcomes you The other four are undecided.
                I don't care who you are, that there is funny!



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                  Agreed! The coefficient of humor in that statement is statistically significant, p<.001 Seriously, I love the banter of this forum, much better than some others I've frequented in the past.
                  Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.


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                    Dont start trying to analize whats going on with the guys here. Youll get a headache.

                    Drummers are only 10&#37; sane at best.

                    Rational occasionally when decideing what the next bit of kit to buy is.

                    Drums and music are the main thought and everything else is inconsequencial. Well apart from earning a living that is, to pay the mortgage / rent and feed the rug rats.