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First post and first mp3 sample using V-Drums: Roland TD-12 + Cubase + BFD 1.5 Deluxe

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  • First post and first mp3 sample using V-Drums: Roland TD-12 + Cubase + BFD 1.5 Deluxe

    Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and somewhat V-Drums and BFD. I'm more of a guitar player than a drummer, but I'm on a life-long mission to become a professional composer and studio player one day. I'm playing for the quietness of my house so I'm recording guitars, bass and drums direct and VDrums is extremely convenient. I admit I miss live drums, but this is not bad.

    I have to say I really appreciate the help from you all to get BFD squared away with my TD-12. So far I'm getting a pretty good raw sound with no eq or compression (sample below) but I'm not really happy with the kick and especially with the tombs. So I'm working on it.

    1st attempt below, forgive my sloppy playing as I'm just improvising guitar and drums plus the TD-12 and triggering takes a bit to get use to:

    I'll be posting my progress and recording with live guitars, vocals and others for you guys... Rock for life lol

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    I dunno, toms sounded OK, but kick needs more punch. Try another sound/sample/patch or whatever they're called in BFD. I've only seen BFD once at a friends house very briefly, maybe try "modeling" a different mic and or mic placement for the kick. Guitar sounded good. cheers


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      the style of drumming sounded right for metal, but i agree the overall sound should be more forward and the bass drum should be splitting them bass drivers!