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SPISHAK crashes the party

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  • SPISHAK crashes the party

    Hi folks!! I'm SPISHAK from Seattle. I had no idea this place existed until last week. I asked a few dumb questions, and got the answers I was looking for. I am not just a drummer, I'm a multi-talented musician/recording geek. I started playing drum kits when I was 13 and I'm 35 now. I attached a few pix of my setup. The first picture is of me in front of my recording rig and synths with my trusty bass. The second one is the recording rig(yamaha aw16g) after I built some super-chunk bass traps covered with white burlap and glowing in the blacklight. The third is of my drums. I play left-handed on a right handed kit(notice the ride and tom 4 are on the left) and the other crash cymbal is not shown because the clamp holding it broke....but now it's fixed. rock on


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    Nice hair - and Lava Lamp!


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      Hey SPISHAK! Noticed the AW16G in the background on one of your pics. I have one which I doubt I will ever part with. FYI, there's a great support forum for the G at http://forum.dijonstock.com/
      Id rather be told the ugly truth than handed a pretty lie.


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        Originally posted by stickinthemud View Post
        FYI, there's a great support forum for the G at http://forum.dijonstock.com/
        Yes I know!! I'm a regular on that forum....Same screen name AND avatar!! cheers


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          ...do you know sleepless from Seattle...?


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            Originally posted by mystic fred View Post
            ...do you know sleepless from Seattle...?

            I believe he's from U.K. and he is a spacemonkey