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  • new to thread, and a question?

    Hi guys, i played rockband and loved the game so i decided to buy myself some e-drums. I bought pads for the yamaha dtxpress iv special by accident, thinking it was the whole kit. Made a mistake. So now im trying to piece together a set with these pads.

    so im ordering the rack for the pads but my question is do i need the dtxpress iv special module for the pads or could i use another yamaha module, or even the roland module?

    If so which module would you recommend? keep in mind i have a limited budget of about 700.00 maximum, but would like to keep it to 500.00 if i could. thanks guys.

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    Is your budget in $s or £s ???


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      Im from Canada, so i guess US money or cdn money. same basically. But my main question if someone has the knowledge, can my yamaha dtxpress pads work with roland module? i have searched all over the internet. thanks in advance.


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        Yamaha's single and dual-zone pads will work with a Roland module. Yamaha's three-zone pads will only work fully with the proper Yamaha module.

        You may want to see if someone at

        can lend you a hand.


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          And the foot pedals for the high hat aren't compatible without an adapter so be careful about that too.


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            ok thanks guys, So i got the pads and now the rack for the dtxpress iv special, however the module here in Canada is 750.00 plus 12% tax, compared to 450.00 in the US but they wont ship to canada. But the good news is a store here sells the dtxpress iii module for $200.00 new, as i guess it is the last one they have and its discontinued, so they are selling it.

            Is this the good deal? or should i just go for the iv module?