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  • The next question....

    I have looked at the pictures and stuff that comes with the various Roland e-kits. As en example I noticed the pictures displaying the TD3 and TD9 look identical. Is the only difference between the TD3 and TD9 the module and the advancements they possess over each other?

    I know you can add various components down the road as I saw all the upgradeable stuff. I guess I'm really wondering if I get a TD3 and upgrade to a TD9 is the module the only different thing? Judging by the pictures it seems that way. I don't know enough about the various components and drum terminology yet to read the specs effectively and understand for myself.


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    It seems the main differences are ...

    Module with new harness for connecting pads and cymbals
    Rack is bigger
    Ball clamps on cymbal arms
    Different clamp for CY5 hi hat

    Here in the UK a TD9 with rack is about £999 and the TD3 is £599

    So £400 difference, if u got a TD3 and later sold the module for going rate here on Ebay for £130 and sold the rack for say £75 mmm i would say to get the new rack and TD9 module would be about £650 so it would cost you the original difference in the new prices to upgrade later.

    I had a TD3 and they are very good, i mean the TD9 is nice but i've always made the mistake of getting the best and thinkin it will make me play better...


    The important thing is to crack those paradiddles, double stroke rolls, accents, triplets, learn good pedal techniques etc and the TD3 is superb for that, the TD9 however will give you a better playing experience and more realistic sounds, so lookin at it from the other perspective playing a kit that sounds more like a kit will spur you on all around and help ya (i think that's my overall idea yeah) but it's up to you really, good luck.
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      the TD3 is a great module, i kept mine after i got a TD12 to use for extra cymbals and effects, but if you have an eye on the TD9 you would be better off getting it now, if you plan to get it anyway.


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        daveybabes and mystic fred - thanks for your insights. Both make sense and give me something to consider.