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First time musician, first time drummer

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  • First time musician, first time drummer

    Hi all, I've always liked music but never really got into playing an instrument. That's all changing now, in part thanks to guitar hero and rock band. I've fallen in love with the drums, as the allure of banging things to make noise is irresistible for me! I just started taking drum lessons, and have been doing some minor/random playing on the piano, trying to sing based off the piano. But for now, my focus is drumming and I'm looking to buy a nice set of e-drums. Should be fun, and look forward to getting advice from you guys! :P


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    Welcome to the forum. This is a great forum to learn from and the people are great on here. There is a plethora of information here regarding e drums/drumming as well. Don't be afraid to ask questions and remember you're not alone as I am a beginning drummer as well.



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      Welcome. Those lessons will go a long way for you so keep it up.
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        Welcome to the forum!

        Never being one to wait to be asked before giving advice, Here's what I'll offer.

        Start simple, but don't start cheap. Off-brand "cheap" ekits are a waste of money. Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis are the safe bets as far as modules go. Roland, Hart, and Pintech make the good mesh head drums, and Yamaha makes some very nice rubber pads on their upper line kits. My advice is to go with Roland and go with a mesh head drum at least for the snare. Practice those rudiments, and watch out for bad habits. They will limit your growth.

        Have fun!


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          As usual, excellent advice from stickinthemud. Definitely save your pennies until you have a budget that will enable you to buy good quality e-drums. I hate seeing people buy these toy kits at big box retailers, discover that the suck and then get turned off to e-drums all together. Invest in some good gear, seek out some instruction for learning the basics and you can't go wrong.

          Welcome aboard! We're happy to have you joining us.

          P.S. hmmmm...darkside....darkside....there's just something about that name that I like
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            Welcome Darkside !

            I'd highly recommend getting some v(or e) drums. You'll love them.

            I bought my Roland TD-3 based kit just about a year ago. It was easy to put together and worked right out of the box. I've had no trouble with it at all. I recently added a Pintech Dingbat as another trigger. You can assign it the sound of a cowbell, cymbal, etc. I hope to upgrade to mesh pads for the toms. Maybe some day upgrade the module.

            Try some of the kits you are interested in out in person. Getting the best gear you can is also GREAT advice. It's much cheaper than upgrading everything in the long run.

            Don't underestimate the importance of a good comfortable throne.

            You'll get a lot of great information here, get your questions answered.

            I hope you're drumming away real soon !


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              I also just bought a set because of Rock Band. I bought the Roland Td-3sw I looked like an animal went to the stores played for hours. I tried the Simmions which is similar to the other 599.99 models, I tried Yamaha, but nothing compared to the mesh pads, rubber pads and sounds Roland offers. I got a good deal I believe on the Roland set for $830 shipped new and is way more worth it then the $600 you would pay on other cheap brands, though I am still not sure if that was a really good price or not? Also the good thing about the roland is how easy it is to upgrade pieces unlike other sets it seems after doing tons of research. So I would say your best bet is get Roland.

              On a side note I need to get lessons and curious how much they cost being I haven't looked into it yet?
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                Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

                I'm definitely looking at the Roland V-drums as the mesh heads are by far the nicest, and from what I hear Roland's more or less on top of the electric drum game right now. Unfortunately I've rather spoiled myself with the sound quality. I want a kit that sounds more like an acoustic kit, and from the Roland's I've played with it sounds like (pun intended) I have to get one of the higher end kits. Obviously the higher price is a deterrent. I'm looking for a nice used kit on craigslist but haven't seen anything tempting in the last month or so.

                One thing I've seen is people with the mesh snare/toms but real cymbals. How is the noise of this? Cymbals sound pretty loud and seem like they would piss off the neighbors. Plus, how easy would it be to set up a mic around the cymbals to feed it into the module for recording purposes?

                baz, I went to a local music store and got them to recommend an instructor. The cost of this particular one was $165/mo for weekly 45min classes, or $110 for 30min classes.


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                  Thanks for info on that.


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                    Hi mate. Youve come to the right place.

                    Every one whos any one is here and you are now one.

                    Old, young, beginner, pro, lapsed, and from anywhere in the world. Here we all are.