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Johnny Drum Lately

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  • Johnny Drum Lately

    'Ello. Time for me to stop lurking.

    I'm yet another guy pushing 40 and just picking up drums. I have wanted to play since my teens but only now have the opportunity to do it. I'm a somewhat sucky guitar player but people who don't play think I'm pretty good. I hope to surpass that level with the drums. I feel I have at least a slight leg up, as I can already play numerous Rolling Stones tunes on the drums.

    As you can see by my signature, I'm a little frustrated right now. Been waiting months on my TD-9KX like a number of others here. I do have a practice pad and a rather nice set of larger dual-trigger pads I intend to use once I actually get a set. So I'm doing as many rudiments as I can stand and trying to prepare myself for when the time finally comes.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for a wealth of information so far and remark that people on these boards are a very friendly and helpful group, compared with numerous other boards I've been on.

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    You'll love the TD9 with those pads. In my opinion, the 8" pads are too small - unless you really like rimshots!
    Don't get too obsessed with the Scope function - the human ear is more forgiving than a computer processor.
    Hang in there ...
    . digitalDrummer
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      Welcome, Kysrsoze - I'm sure you'll find V-drums will unlock all that bottled-up creativity and become a lifelong passion. Enjoy!


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          I was born in Chicago, north side... Western and Foster area.
          Keep practising... Vdrums are terrific.
          As the Wise Ole' drummer says... !:cool:


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            Hey, my brother's live in Chicago. Do you know them? It's such a small city.
            Welcome. Your patience will be rewarded.


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              Johnny drum lately is the new kid in town. Sorry bad play on an Eagles song. I am also a new player and play another instrument as well. Your prior training will help you immensely as counting and other things will come more naturally and easier to you. What I have found difficult in the early going is learning the coordination between foot, right and left hand while playing in time. Hope your journey is a great one and like you I am also waiting for the TD9 kit.



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                You know, it was "New Kid in Town" which actually made me think of Johnny Drum Lately.

                Thanks everyone for all the advice and encouragement - probably a good idea not to get too wound up on the Scope function b/c I tend to be pretty anal-retentive about things. I'm thinking playing along with tons of songs will do me a lot better. Now that I'm older and a bit more calm, I'm more conscious of playing in time, rather than trying to play as fast as humanly possible - but my timing on rudiments still goes from semi-OK to full-on suckage.

                The weirdest thing I'm finding right now is that i can't really hold the sticks the same with my right and left hands. I'm working a lot on being able to reverse the parts I'm playing and do them the same - lotsa work. I do feel like I'll get it over time, but it'll be a LOT of practice. I can't think of many skills more fun to have to practice.