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Die-hard acoustic drummer within an inch of his life!

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  • Die-hard acoustic drummer within an inch of his life!

    Hi guys. So here's my story (I'll keep it as brief as possible). I've been playing acoustic drums for 10 years now and recently moved into an apartment Because of noise-rules in the apartment block I can now only rehearse when the band rehearses in our practice space 15 miles away. So I went out to buy a cheap electronic kit to practice on at home. When I saw the options available I was amazed at the possibilities electronic drums bring to the drummers table.

    Through a lot of persuasion from the salesman I have just put a deposit on a Roland V-Drums TD6KX. I still love the sound of my acoustic kit and it will always be the kit I use in the band but I've been thinking about expanding the sounds of the acoustic kit by adding a couple vdrum pads to it. I've done quite a bit of searching but can't find anyone who has done this. Are there any drawbacks? Any crosstalk from acoustic drum to electronic? Or any logistical issues?

    Also, on a couple of my bands studio tracks we added some programmed effects like drum machine loops and strings. Is there a way to trigger these sounds with the TD6KX?

    Sorry about the long-winded introduction! From what I've seen you're all very knowledgeable and approachable so looking forward to chatting to you in the future!


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    welcome, i used to play with a couple of (rubber)
    pd pads and a sampler, (pearl quad pad for a while)
    with my a-kit, never any problems/crosstalk,
    i can imagine with a mesh head there could be some
    problems with bass over the monitor and "false" triggering,
    but i never played with mesh head pads and an a-kit.

    if it was now, i'd use a good laptop and soft-sampler
    if certain sounds weren't in my module ?
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      I played ddrums until 10 years ago, mixed with both an acoustic snare and cymbals without any problems. The guy I come to think of who mixes As and Es nowadays is Neil Peart.
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        mixing A's & E's

        Hello and welcome,
        I've often mixed some e-pads with my accoustics. I also have a TD6V module. You definitely have to tweak the trigger settings so they don't trigger due to crosstalk, but it's very doable. I also made and triggered sequences I created in the module. Of course, bear in mind, you have to be really careful to avoid having a sequence falsely trigger when you don't need it. This happened to me and was very annoying. So, the pad that triggered the sequences had to have the trigger settings turned to a point where you had to hammer the pad pretty hard to trigger it.

        I finally bought a used SPD-S sampler, which has 9 small trigger points on it and is stupid-easy to sample into. Then, I sampled sounds I edited/created on the TD6 and dropped them into that for percussion. Also, I dropped my loops into the SPD-S. They save as WAV files. It's much easier to set that up than several pads and a module!

        But, save that thought for later - in answer to your question, it's doable to do what you want with that e-set.
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          Thanks for the feedback.

          I've recently bought a pretty good G4 mac laptop and have put together some nice string pieces and drum sounds with ableton 5. Ericdrumz mentions a soft-sampler. Could I easily trigger to my own ableton sounds with this? This is definitely the way I want to go. I'm not 100% satisfied with the out-of-the-box sounds on the vdrums. I prefer electronic drums not to sound like drums, but to add color and texture to a song that acoustic drums simply can't. So obviously if I could have the editing capabilities of pc applications and still have the capability to trigger from my drum pads that'd be a dream come true!

          I'm growing happier with my purchase with every reply so keep em coming!


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            you could connect ableton live to your drum (td6) module via midi
            (you need a low latency firewire? to midi device too)
            and trigger "clips" with midi learn funktion (mapping slots to midi notes),
            it could be an option and you don't need an additional soft sampler..
            if you need velocity-switching samples, you might.
            ps. looks like a "drumsampler" is also possible ? maybe not because
            of latency..
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              Originally posted by Libertine View Post
              I've been thinking about expanding the sounds of the acoustic kit by adding a couple vdrum pads to it. I've done quite a bit of searching but can't find anyone who has done this.
              Actually, many, many drummers these days are playing acoustic kits with a few electronic pads thrown into the mix for triggering unique sounds, auxillary percussion, etc. A few months ago, I watched the Concert for Diana on TV and noticed just about every drummer on stage that day was playing an acoustic kit with one or two electronic pads or a Roland SPD-S on the side.

              I don't play a hybrid kit. I'm all electronic, so I can't offer you any additional advice there. However, I can tell you there are plenty of people who are successfully mixing acoustic and electronic gear. You might try using the search function of this site and looking for the keyword "hybrid."

              All the best.
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                You're in luck. Somebody here has posted video of his most recent gig with a hibrid kit and here's the link so you won't have to UTFSE:


                He hasn't responded to a couple of detailed questions as yet but it'll at least give you an idea of how *one* band uses a TD6 kit live.

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                  Excellent! I'll have the rest of the money for the kit paid off in 2 or 3 weeks so I'm sure I'll be reporting back then. Until then thank you all for your time. I have plenty of research to do based on your suggestions and probably lots more questions in the process. Of course if anyone wants to elaborate further, by all means keep dropping comments.


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                    Thanks guys. Getting some good feedback in the Lounge too (Sorry, I'm new to the forum, should've posted there the first time.... whoops)

                    Yeah, I wasn't sure what to search for in the search engine but the word "hybrid" is bringing up just what I need.

                    Thanks again!