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Orao says hi

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  • Orao says hi

    Hi everyone,

    I've started playing the drums last year, initiated by a friend and later on taking lessons at a local musical school. I never bought my own kit as I'm going to move abroad in a couple months, and it'd be way too difficult to buy a set of drums and then to have them shipped abroad in less than a year.
    And since I'm not going to have unlimited space in the future either, I was thinking of getting a set of electronical drums instead of analog ones... and that's how I found out about V-Drums. Right now, I'm looking at the TD-30; that's temporary, but it does look like it's what I need (mostly due to the double pedal).

    See you on the forums!

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    Hi Orao. Glad you have decided to join us mate. A wealth of knowledge to tap into here. I do'nt know about the TD-30 and it having a double pedal. I always thought that with all these kits, the kick pedals were an extra, but then, what do I know ? I do know that kick pedals are very individual and you need to get the best you can afford ie DW, Tama etc. To me the snare and the kick are the heart of the kit and they have to be right.
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      Hi Orao,

      Welcome to the forum and to drumming. I’m assuming you’re looking at a used TD30 kit that happens to come with a double kick pedal. Depending on the price of that kit, you may want to consider newer technology to get better sounds but if you’re getting a really good deal on the TD30, go for it. It’s still a good module.

      You are also very wise to take lessons early. This will go a long way to improve your overall experience. Most importantly, have fun!
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        Thanks! I thought the TD-30 was still in production, isn't it on the main website? Still, I'm not dead set on this model, and if it's out of production and replaced by other drum sets, I would be willing to settle for something else as long as 1) it's electronic and 2) it allows me to, later on, as I get better, go towards a metal-oriented style.