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Hello from Cape Cod

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  • Hello from Cape Cod

    Good morning from old Cape Cod

    Ron here, long term lurker, fist time member.

    Played drums for about 6 months when I was 17. Moved, Joined the Coast Guard, retired from the Coast Guard, had a kid, got cancer (almost five years cancer free) at 43. While recovering from cancer, I got to think a lot, which one of the things was, dude you need to enjoy life. Work isn’t everything.

    Three months ago ordered a Roland TD-17KVX, got hooked up with a drum instructor here, got a year of Roland Melodics, and been practicing 5 days a week. Enjoying the hell out of it, but I know I have much to learn about edrums.

    Looking forward to being a member and learning everything I can.

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    Hi Ron, A big welcome from the UK mate. Sorry to hear about the illness. My old mate and lead guitarist has been going through it for the last 10 years and he is refusing to give in to it. I'm getting old and have lost several ex band members / mates in the last year. Glad you are free of it now and like you say, you got to make the most of life, if you want to do something, do it. Anyway welcome to the club mate. Let us know how you get on. Keep it fun and don't get to serious over it.


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      Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Congratulations on the new kit and getting cancer free. I hope you have many years of enjoyment from the kit. Smart move to get lessons. It will help a lot. Have fun!
      Equipment: TD-30KV, DW9000 hardware, ROC-N-SOC Throne, Behringer ULTRATONE K3000FX Amp, JBL EON 615 Powered Speaker, Yamaha MG06X. 1965 Ludwig Super Classic. Black diamond pearl. Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals, DW 7000 hardware, DW 9000 kick pedal.