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Hello From Saratoga Springs, NY

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  • Hello From Saratoga Springs, NY

    Hello all!

    Growing up I was a big Rush fan along with a bunch of friends I grew up with, I have seen them tour every time they came around since the Power Windows tour.
    After the recent death of Neil Peart it kind of felt like a personal loss to my friends and I.. It wasn't just the loss of a great drummer and lyricist but also the end of an era for all of us friends. As we age, the less often my old friends get together and going to Rush Concerts was one of the reasons that reunited us all, as some of of us don't live as close together as we did. Anyway, after Neil died it sparked a group text message between me and my friends which was kind of cool as the thread is actually still going on today.

    So my interest in drumming kicked in again after watching and listening to Rush in the past few weeks. I began playing at age 14 as a hobby but after moving and life events I haven't touched them in at least 10 years. I decided to get a new electronic kit as my old acoustic set is in the basement of a friends house about 150 miles away, and I wanted something so as not to disturb the neighbors.

    I researched my options and narrowed it down to the Roland TD17 and the Alesis Strike Pro. So after seeing a lot of negatives about the Alesis I decided to go for the Roland but I also figured since I'm 50 now this is probably the last drumset I'll buy , and I upgraded my choice and pulled the trigger on the Roland TD-27KV. I should have it in a few days.

    Anyway, I got more time on my hands after recently being divorced and decided to kick this hobby back into gear. I also have a 7 yr old son and I hope he takes an interest in it too.

    [mod edit: please ask questions in the appropriate forums]

    I look forward to my continuing education and meeting all of you.


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    Welcome to the forum. Great background, thanks for sharing. I think it’s a smart idea to spend a little extra for a kit that you can use well into the future. I get together with my high school friends about three times a year to jam. We have to travel a bit to do it but it’s a lot of fun.
    have fun!
    Equipment: TD-30KV, DW9000 hardware, ROC-N-SOC Throne, Behringer ULTRATONE K3000FX Amp, JBL EON 615 Powered Speaker, Yamaha MG06X. 1965 Ludwig Super Classic. Black diamond pearl. Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals, DW 7000 hardware, DW 9000 kick pedal.


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      Welcome to the forum Bill. This site is a great place for learning, knowledge and sharing experiences with your equipment and other sharing with you. I have learned a lot onthis site. Again, Welcome.


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        Hi Bill, glad you could join us mate. Pull up a chair, put your feet up, and pour yourself a beer. All your questions will be answered here.