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    Hello. I’m am new to this forum and am introducing myself. My name is Michael and I am a seasoned semi-professional percussionist and drummer. I have been playing drumset since I was in 7th grade jamming out to Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet. My first drumset performance was playing a middle school jazz band arrangement of Hip to Be Square by Huey Lewis and the News. Nowadays, I still play rock but have expanded my horizons to include many other styles and genres. I play gigs as asked and prefer paying performances. I am a classically trained musician with a degree in music education from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and currently teach elementary general music in Northern Virginia. You may laugh, but my aspiration is to semi-retire in 8 years to the Orlando area and play drums at Disneyworld. My dream job is to drum for the Grand Floridian Jazz Society Orchestra. I would also be open to having a private studio and giving drum lessons. I am also working on my rudimental chops by playing with a bagpipe band which has also helped me improve in other areas of my playing. Ive played a few Musicals including RENT and about to perform Be More Chill. I’ve also been teaching myself piano and am improving, but not quite good enough to perform public ally yet.

    I have a Roland TD-1KV with a 4th cymbal and upgraded mesh snare drum. I love this set because it is compact and one piece making it super easy to take to practice and a gig. I do want to upgrade to to a higher level Roland drum set in the future, but this one suits me just fine for now. I’m hoping to use this site to learn and better understand my Roland Drums and improve my playing as well. I’m looking forward to reading the posts, replying, and asking my own questions. Thanks for reading and I look forward to being a member.

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    Welcome aboard. I’m retiring this year and it’s good to have ambitions. Good luck with getting what you want. I intend to get out and play more once I retire. It’s been difficult for years as I did shifts and then on call. Only thing you will find hard is reading all the posts and still wanting to stick with td1
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      Welcome to the forum. I’m retired for almost 3 years and before retirement, I started taking drum lessons in 2013 and playing drums is part of what I do to stay busy. I’m also in Northern Virginia. Looks like you have a great plan. Take your time and do your research before you decide on a new kit. There’s lots of knowledge, information, and opinions here that should help you with your quest. Have fun!
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        Thanks MKOK and Jim. I’m excited to just play and give performances. It is still quite a few years off, but I’d like to broaden my horizons and expand my stylistic playing. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with all the posts, but I’m hoping to use them as a resource and comment when I’m able. I appreciate you both taking the time to welcome meet. Have a great day.


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          Hi Michael, sounds like you have a great grounding in the drumming department and progressing to a better grade kit will improve your ultimate goals considerably. Not knocking the TD1 but it is a starter setup and by what you are saying, you are far more advanced than this.
          Keep us up to date with your progress as you go forward.


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            Thanks John. I agree that I should upgrade from my current set. It’s not in the cards right now, but I have improved greatly and continue to practice and get better. Hopefully the paying gigs in the future will help.


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              Hi Michael,
              Welcome to the forum! I am new here too. That's an impressive background you have with music education and it is fantastic that you are out there performing regularly.

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                Originally posted by MSS73 View Post
                Thanks John. I agree that I should upgrade from my current set. It’s not in the cards right now, but I have improved greatly and continue to practice and get better. Hopefully the paying gigs in the future will help.
                I played paying gigs for years but never made a penny. By the time you've payed for your gas, your drinks and something to eat on the way home, what you have left goes on breakages and keeping the wife sweet lol.