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  • Time to start again

    Hiya! My name is Jane, and I once planned to become a drummer, but due to some unpleasant circumstances I gave up. Gladly things got better with time, and now I'm planning to return to my hobby. So I came here looking for some tips from more experienced drummers, since I'm choosing my first e-setup (but - unfortunately - I've never worked with something like this before).
    Hope this doesn't sound like an anonymous hobbyist introduction.
    Thanks for reading this, and have a nice day!

    ps - think I shouldn't ask for recommendations right here (due to rules!), so I'm going to read the forum first. But thanks anyway!
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    Hey Jane, welcome to the forum! I think there is enough knowledge here to get you started on a right path (although, picking up drumming is a good start in itself

    Lots of friendly faces here, hobbyists and pros alike, don't hesitate to ask anything! Try searching the topics for points of interest, chances are that someone'd already made similar inquiries. Also, make sure to read the rules before posting to keep things oragnized. Rock on!
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      Welcome Jane. Let us know your budget and what your thinking of. I would always say go 2nd hand but run whatever your looking by the people on hear if you are not sure.
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        Welcome to the forum and back to the hobby. You’re correct to read the forum and ask your questions in the correct one. MKOK has mentioned a budget which of course is very important. Also try to envision where you want to be with your hobby in a few years and try and buy your second kit first. Also consider taking some lessons to make sure your technique is correct. Most importantly, have fun!
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            Welcome to the nuthouse Jane. Nice to have another lady present. Ask all you like, there will always be someone here that has an answer. Sadly it wont be me cause I'm an idiot, but there ya go. I try.
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              Welcome aboard!
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