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  • Starting again

    Hi, I'm Kenny. I used to play many years ago but left my kit in South Africa when I moved to Taiwan 12 years ago. I started teaching my daughter to play recently which inspired me to start again. So I picked up a used TD-9 kit which I'm pretty happy with and now working on my rusty technique.
    Roland TD-9, Yamaha DD-65, Gibraltar Intruder double pedals, AKG 240 Studio

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    Welcome aboard, and best of luck to ya knocking the "rust" off!
    Hardware: TD20SX --> Roland UA-25EX --> MSI GT780DX w/ i7 2670, 16-GB of Ram, Windows 7
    Software: Superior Drummer 2.0, Metal Foundry SDX, Metal Machine EZX, Toontrack Solo - - Sonor X1 Studio - -


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        Welcome to the forum. My first eKit was a TD9SX which I thought was a very good kit. Have fun!
        Equipment: TD-30KV, DW9000 hardware, ROC-N-SOC Throne, Behringer ULTRATONE K3000FX Amp, JBL EON 615 Powered Speaker, Yamaha MG06X. 1965 Ludwig Super Classic. Black diamond pearl. Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals, DW 7000 hardware, DW 9000 kick pedal.


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          Welcome Kenny. I came back to playing after 40 years of not playing, about 7 years ago. Slow progress at first but steadily improving. By teaching your daughter, you will" knock the rust off" quicker. Have fun, which to me is the most important thing for me to remember in life


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            Playing drums mate, its a prime-evil instinct that is in many of us and that cannot be denied. If you have got it you just have to go with it. Enjoy.