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Hello I'm Paul, e drummer now for two years

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  • Hello I'm Paul, e drummer now for two years

    Drumming for two years now. I have a medeli drum kit with mesh heads and the brain connected to superior drummer.

    Works great thought I feel like upgrading my drums, but the main question for me is, what would suit me best.

    Hope to find some answers on this forum

    Greetings, Paul

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    Hi Paul welcome. I suppose what you get depends on if you want a kit just to trigger SD or you want the kit to have realistic internal sounds like SD. Also how many trigger inputs do you want and finally how much do you want to pay. Plenty to think about. Id take a look around and see what you can find and then try a directed question. Enjoy the site :-)
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      Yep that's the way mate. Start with what you want then find out how much its going to cost you.

      Loads of brains here to help you out. Welcome to the Nuthouse.


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        Welcome to the forum. Take your time and do your research. Think about what you will want a few years down the road. Good luck with your quest. Have fun.
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