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Hello from Zeewolde, The Netherlands

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  • Hello from Zeewolde, The Netherlands

    Hello vdrums members,

    First of all thanks for this great forum. It already helped a lot during the last 2 weeks.
    I have been a guitar picker for more then 25 years, but playing drums was always my guilty pleasure,
    Playing guitar faded during the last years (mainly because of my other hobby.. building a Boeing 737 cockpit).
    So now I am trying to become a drummer. Basics are there but a long way to go.

    2 weeks ago I took the plunge and decided to buy a drum kit. So choice number one, vdrum or accoustic.
    After visiting some shops I knew that a Roland V kit was not my way to go, but pure acoustic was also not the best idea.
    So I tried to search for hybrid kits. I found someone nearby that had a Mapex kit with DDrum triggers and Roland cymbals.
    After trying out that kit I was sold.. I loved it.

    Luckily the guy agreed to sell me the triggers, Roland cymbals and a TD10x. At an earlier shop visit I saw a Tama Superstar Classic for sale.
    This was the kit I ended up buying. I put all Silent Remostrokes on it and added the Ddrum triggers.
    I also bought the Roland PM100 monitor so I can still make some noice (RH5 headphones too).

    The TD10x is a nice piece, the overall sound is good except the snare. I hate that machinge gun sound.
    I bought the VEX Master 50 set hoping this will make my kit sound more realistic.

    If that fails.. I might go for a 2box Drumit 3.. but VEX first.



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    Welcome to the nuthouse Dennis,

    'You can pick all the guitars you can find but nothing else beats the drums'.

    Its a tribal thing that exists in everyone.


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      Welcome to the forum. Nice job on the kit. I had the Masters 50 when I had a TD9SX it is a fun set of kits.
      Have fun!
      Equipment: TD-30KV, DW9000 hardware, ROC-N-SOC Throne, Behringer ULTRATONE K3000FX Amp, JBL EON 615 Powered Speaker, Yamaha MG06X. 1965 Ludwig Super Classic. Black diamond pearl. Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals, DW 7000 hardware, DW 9000 kick pedal.