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Warning Bassist on Board

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  • Warning Bassist on Board

    I am an electronics engineer that plays bass but out drummerís TD-9 has suffered from the DB25 coming off the PCB. So help needed.

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    Nice to have a bassist joining us, (he says holding up a crucifix and crossing his chest). What did the other lot throw you out for ???????? Bad influence or something similar maybe. Anyway, you will be alright here. We will take on any challenge lol.

    All your questions will be answered here mate, just make sure you post in the right forums. Welcome.


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      Hey there. Iím actually trying to teach myself bass as well as drums.


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        I tried bass for a bit but the drums won out.


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          From behind the kit I hear something about the "Key", but alas, I can only offer a drum key...
          E-kit: TD50KV with KD A22, SPD-SX, BT-1, Acoustic: DW Custom, Maple Mahogany, Zildjian K Customs, Sweet and Darks, Pork Pie Thrones, Tama Speed Cobras and DW HW, Zildjian sticks. Midas 32C, MD421, EV ND46, ND96, SM57, SM81. Past kits include Roland TD9 Mesh and TD30K.


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            I only had a front door key but there ya go. It didn't work anyway, cause the wife had changed the lock.