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Just bought our first V-drums!

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  • Just bought our first V-drums!

    Have been lurking sporadically on this forum for too many years, excellent content and a great feel.
    My thanks to all involved in

    The story so far...

    Well, after a madcap family musical gathering at the truly excellent "WhatStudio?" in Liverpool we learned to our surprise that Youngest Daughter and her excellent Bloke were both tempted to try drums.

    They not only enjoyed it but could make a really good fist of it. Astounding! Daughter on Drums! Who knew?

    Now I've never learned to do anything useful on a drum kit despite 7 years in the music biz back in the 1970s (unless you count furious bongo-beating under the influence).

    So I've bought them an affordable Roland HD-1 V-drum kit in top condition , with stool and sticks too. 5A sticks, since you ask. It's really good. They collect it on Saturday!

    As anyone in touch with music during the last 40-odd years will appreciate, e-kits have been around a while. But I could never afford one before, it would have been a waste especially since I lacked all aptitude.

    I did have a go - with the Maplin Hexadrum kit, ca 1982 - here

    Was this an inspiration for the Roland Octapad?

    But although the Hexadrum was astounding value and did get a lot of use none of us really loved it. It was a pseudo-bongo thing, needed a good reverb or summat. Maybe a good drummer?
    In the mid '90s I built a prototype thing with a pair of triple-zone pads for a drummer friend, using the Hexadrum architecture to provide three zones on 'rounded-triangle' pads such that a hit in the middle would trigger all three. With three similar sounds slightly de-tuned the effect was massive, with note--to-note variation guaranteed. Almost as good was two slightly de-tuned zones with a third zone set to 'Rim-shot'. By now we had a decent reverb, which helped. But my drummer moved away, and we lost touch. < s i g h >

    So I immersed myself in the joys of MIDI guitar, first with Casio MG, then the GR/VG series from Roland. Excellent stuff.

    Arthritis is cramping my fingers now, and guitar necks suddenly feel so very big; but Youngest Daughter's excellent bloke got me involved with ukulele, and Baritone ukes are still playable items for me, which is great (bear with me, this is relevant), so we built a solid body Baritone Uke with a quad piezo bridge that interfaces via a GK-13 to the array of elderly VG/GR hardware that has accumulated since the early '90s.

    My point is that Piezos are seriously versatile. Not all Piezos arre disc-shaped. Expect more from me on these.

    That's enough rant! Can't wait to tinker some more with the used PD-5s I seem to have bought in a moment of weakness, together with an old TD-3...

    Hexadrum , Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1981

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    Glad you could join us Tegra. I played from about 63, gigged 60s thro to 80s now just as a hobby on a TD6V I bought back in 2006. Yea I have major back problems and other connected issues but have managed to avoid the arthritis thing so far, touch wood, so am keeping going. Its about the only exercise I get now.


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      Hello John.b, sorry to hear bout your back - mine (the usual old mans lower back) usually submits to warm water, NSAIDs and very light exercise. Long may yours remain under control.
      Sounds like you are doing well under difficult circumstances.
      I'd like to play, but have never convinced myself that my co-ordination is up to it.

      Been fortunate to work with many astounding musicians and (thanks to my uncle) to have seen and met Gene Krupa in his prime when I was much younger.

      So far I've just spannered the occasional acoustic kit (back in the day) and worked on piezo-based sensors since the mid 1970s.
      There's more to be done in this field, I believe. Hopefully it might address the 'untalkative' nature of E vs A drums, which will be hard to assess rigorously.

      Very nice to meet you!


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        Yea mate the old A or E question. So I only ever played A's on stage because that's all there was back in my day, and to honest, if I did it all again it would still be A's, even after 12 years of playing these E's. Ok so I have an inherent fear of anything electric when in a public place. If it can go wrong it will. A's were never any trouble. In the 25years I gigged I never had one failure. Well not the drums anyway. Me, well that's another story.

        Anyway nice to meet you too mate. Have a good one.