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    I have been around here for a bit, but I don't think I've ever introduced myself. My name is Paul. I am new to drums. I've been playing bass for a couple churches through the years and a small jazz band at my church's music school. My son was the drummer and he recently went to college, so I decided that I would try to learn and take his place. I recently acquired a Td-10 from my church and have been working at getting it set up. Elbow surgery a few weeks ago has put my learning into a holding pattern, but hopefully I can get back to it in a month or so. I am going to try to be somewhat active here, although my inexperience does not allow me to offer much. See you around the forums.

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    hi there! i'm a bass player, too.

    perhaps you can work on your pedals while your elbow heals.
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      I actually thought about that. I guess maybe I should actually do it.


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        Welcome to the forum. I broke my elbow in March and had to have surgery and now I have a titanium plate and screws that allowed the broken pieces to heal. I finished physical therapy in mid July. I was not allowed to play for a while and when I was allowed, I could not strike with my left so I played cross stick and worked on my feet. I liked playing bosa nova beats which was fun. I'm still working on stick control with my left. It takes time to get your strength back.

        Below is a before and after.

        Good luck with your recovery.
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          Welcome. I practiced feet a lot last year after my shoulder surgery - it's great fun to challenge yourself and feel improvement in "new" areas
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            Welcome and enjoy! Was the elbow surgery on your leading arm? Meaning, right handed, right hand, or left handed, left hand? If it is, it might be a good opportunity to not only work on your feet, but strenghten your other hand, trying to use it as your leading hand (see open-handed playing).

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