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New (e)drummer getting the itch

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  • New (e)drummer getting the itch

    Happy Holidays. I'm new to drumming - e or otherwise (don't mistake that as me suggesting I'm young, more of a mid-life kind of thing). I'm really "getting the itch". I recently turned a corner where I can learn songs with some effort and now drumming seems to be all I can think about. When I'm not near my kit (TD 11kv), I find myself reading about drumming on this site or elsewhere. I've been devouring videos on youtube (Michale Schack's Drumeo video was particularly inspiring to me). Its taking over my life, but in a good way.

    I wanted to also give quick Kodos to the contributers on this forum. I've learned a ton already and its just generally refreshing to see a forum that hasn't devolved into flame wars or commercials.

    I see it suggested that I should have my kit information in my signature. Maybe I can cash in my newbie card on this stupid question - how does one create a signature?


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    Ha, good question!! I cannot find any way of chaining my signature as well.... Anybody can enlighten us?

    Btw: what you describe happened to me, too. In a good way, as well
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      From a newbie to newbies: Welcome! And yes, you described exactly what happens to me too!!!

      BTW, you can find the signature under your Account settings, half way down in the "Conversation settings" section.

      Hope it helps!
      Roland TD-11KV, DW9000 pedals, Gibraltar 6608 motorcycle throne, AKG K240 Studio.


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        Welcome to the asylum mate. Have you got your own nurse or do you need to borrow one.

        There are some really brainy guys here, and speaking for myself, some real nutters.