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Hello from Toronto, Canada

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  • Hello from Toronto, Canada

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say hello and briefly introduce myself in here. I'm not professional drummer, just enthusiast-beginner, drumming alone at home in the basement, in my spare time, but taking weekly "one-on-one" lessons with my teacher (great professional drummer by the way, way younger than me).

    Anyway, I got my e-kit Roland TD-11KV about 2 years ago (February 2013) and upgraded it gradually since then - after I realized that I enjoy this so much (and I'm capable of learning this too). I'm still learning basics, hand and foot techniques, practicing rudiments, some challenging beats and fills but also I'm learning to play some simpler songs by Weezer, Big Wreck, Metallica, Manowar, Evanescence or even Van Halen...just for fun. Got some drumless tracks, it's really fun to play along with them.

    So here we go, introducing my very own drum corner, as it stands today:

    1. Drum Kit:
    • Drum Module: Roland TD-11;
    • Snare Drum: PDX-100;
    • Toms: 4 x PD-85BK;
    • Hi-Hat 1: CY-5 pad with FD-8 pedal;
    • Hi-Hat 2: hi-hat stand DWCP3500T with Sabian AAX 14 inch Stage Hats (before XS20);
    • Ride Cymbal: CY-13R;
    • Crash Cymbal: 2 x CY-12C;
    • Bass Drum Pad: now KD-85 (before KD-9);
    • Bass Drum Pedal: DW 3000;
    • Drum Throne: Pearl;
    2. Audio Signal Processing and PA Section:And a couple of original pictures: (Latest pics are here and here) image_27328.jpg
    Last edited by RandyD; 12-14-17, 08:33 PM.
    My e-kit, photos and details

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    Nice setup! Enjoy!
    DTX700, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
    Kit Pix

    My new venture, HiEnd Speakers. :


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      Very cool basement! If I didn't have three college educations to pay for I'd have something like that!


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        Freakin awesome intro and love the tidy cables!!!! Keep on having fun and WELCOME to the madness!

        K ;-)
        My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
        E Kit = Roland TDW-20s kit // Roland SPD-S// Pearl Demon Drives//
        A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
        A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters


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          A nice set-up there Randy. You read music as well. You will fit in nicely here mate. A big welcome from the UK.

          Your space is so blo-dy tidy mate.

          Looking at my man cave now it looks more like a bat cave. Yea covered in bat sh-t.


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            Welcome Randy,beautiful set up!...
            enjoy your flight and please keep your tray in the upright position.



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              Welcome to the forum. I think you are the poster boy for excellent introductions. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I'm also taking private lessons from a pro who is maybe half my age. My kit is also the basement as well but your basement looks a lot nicer than mine. Very nice set up.
              Equipment: TD-30KV, DW9000 hardware, ROC-N-SOC Throne, Behringer ULTRATONE K3000FX Amp, JBL EON 615 Powered Speaker, Yamaha MG06X. 1965 Ludwig Super Classic. Black diamond pearl. Zildjian K Custom Dark cymbals, DW 7000 hardware, DW 9000 kick pedal.


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                Hi guys, thanks a lot for your warm welcome! I really like this forum, there is a lot of knowledgeable people in here, kudos to all of you and big thanks for sharing your experience, expertise and tips & tricks with others.

                As for my basement, it started first as Home Cinema/Media Room with laundry and furnace room nicely hidden behind their own doors. Then I realized that this little gap there can be an excellent space for my e-kit, so I built it slowly over time into what it is today.

                It looked like this at the beginning:


                Very basic and with headphones only.

                Now, with PA speakers and power amplifiers I can easily shake the whole house...if I wanted to...which I do...from time to time...

                And if you are wondering what's on my "board", it's Evanescence "Bring Me To Life" overlapping "One" by Metallica...still learning and practicing...
                My e-kit, photos and details


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                  Well, since my vintage Yamaha M-35 2-channel power amplifier died recently, I have replaced it with 4-channel Crown CTs-4200 power amplifier. Now, I use two channels to power a pair of floor monitors Yorkville YX10 and the remaining two channels for pair of Paradigm Monitor 7 Atoms. And now I like my new setup even more than before.

                  My e-kit, photos and details


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                    Just curious RandyD... What have you got going on there for your music stand? I love it. I use a regular stand like used in schools and it is stacked deep. Not enough room for sure and always having to stop to move pages.
                    Roland TD11KV - Pearl 3002D Double Pedals - Gibraltar Throne - Headhunter Sticks - No VSTs/DAWS because I am clueless about them. :D


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                      Hi Feelingducky, well, actually that "thing" that acts as a "music stand" is a large 20x30 inch piece of foam-y cardboard covered by black construction paper that I got from the dollar/hobby store. Then I glued some plastic magnetic clips along the top edge of the board which hold the sheet music. Also I glued some velcro band straps on both the right and left side of the board and use them to attached the board to the Roland drum rack. And the board itself is sitting on those two tom L-rods. The whole thing cost me about $5 and 20 min of work.

                      Attached Files
                      My e-kit, photos and details


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                        Love your ingenuity! And thanks for the photos. It's nice to see how others have their kits set up. I don't know any other drummers or hang out with any so I feel rather isolated. It's great to connect on here with other people that share my passion.
                        Roland TD11KV - Pearl 3002D Double Pedals - Gibraltar Throne - Headhunter Sticks - No VSTs/DAWS because I am clueless about them. :D


                        • #13
                          Love your practice charts.
                          I rest mine on my drums yours are way more impressive LOL!
                          Welcome lots of info here Enjoy!
                          NOW with New Improved TD-30 Module, some V drums an other music making thingies with miscellaneous small furry animals, large hairy animals, motorcycle bits and a big muff:rolleyes:.


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                            Nice setup


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                              I also use real hi-hat stand DWCP3500T with cheap Sabian XS20 hats when playing/practicing through my PA:

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                              My e-kit, photos and details