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New kid on the kit!

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  • New kid on the kit!

    Hello all! Just wanted to give a slight introduction of myself. I have been playing for around 10 years but have always play acoustic drums. My wife and I just bought our first home and I am now unable to play them do to neighbors. So now the hunt is on for my first e-kit. I have spent the most time on a roland td-12s and loved it. But they are obviously out of production and hard to find. Any suggestions would be greatly considered as I am extremely new to electronic kits!

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    Hi Mate. I cant really answer your question cause Ive been playing a TD6V since 2006. Im a very old git and this does all I need it to do. Im just interested in playing along to stuff now so the finer points of Edrums don't really matter to me. Where are you from ?. I'm in the UK.


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      I'm over in the US!


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        Well you will have plenty of company out there mate.


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          Welcome!!! There is always tons of good used gear around. Check eBay, Craigslist and your local rags to see who is offloading an e kit...lots of folks sell them off for way less since they have no idea what they're worth since they had no clue when they bought it! Welcome to the madness and post some pics when you get all set up.

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            welcome TLF
            yeah - what Kenster said.

            also set yourself a budget....and expect to go over it ;-)

            figure out for your case:
            - what type of pads you like playing on, mesh/rubber/small/larger
            -what type of HH action and feel do you want
            - if you want to go pc based, or module based for your sound processor.
            -can you DIY some of the parts to save money... so you can get better module or other non DIY parts
            - if DIY do you have the time/desire
            - edrum rack style vs acoustic conversion
            - ready to play out of the box, vs some mods/customization... to what extent
            - needs for expansion options.

            I am sure there is more. but having given thought to these things in advance will help you pick hardware that you will be happy with.

            ​post your progress and... we love pictures :-)

            NC, USA
            TD-20 (non expanded), acoustic look DIY a to e conversion - some cake pan/ some crossbar method. DIY cymbals, VH-12 :-)
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              Welcome to the forum. Read through this forum for research purposes in selecting a kit. See if you can play some at your local music store. Think about buying your second kit first to avoid an early case of GAS. Good luck.
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