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TD-20 kits/patterns for TD-30

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  • TD-20 kits/patterns for TD-30

    Hi - I'm new to this forum. I just took delivery of a TD-30KV (wow, I am impressed) but I did not save the standard kits/patterns from my old TD-20 (it was a TDW-20 extended) and I miss some of the kits/patterns. Anyone out there got them to share? Ideally in a format I can load directly into the TD-30 from the USB. Great website guys - keep up the good work :-) Ian

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    There is a little trick in the module that allows you to load up the old TD-20X kits. Here is a video on how to do it:

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Just remember to back up your current settings on the USB drive before you do this.
    I think my work is done here.


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      If I remember correctly, by using the Copy function (it's Shift + USB Mem on the TD-30), you can load individual kits from the TD-20, TD-20X, and TD-30 into any user memory location. No need to backup and blow away all your current kits. The preset kits for all three modules (TD-20, TD-20X, and TD-30) are permanently stored in ROM inside the TD-30. You just have to copy a kit into a user memory location to use it. There's also a way to preview any of the presets from the ROM without loading them into a user memory location. Maybe the video above shows that. I think that preview function is somewhere in the Setup pages (press the Setup button).


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        Welcome to the forums!!! How about a nice intro with some pics of your mondo set up? IN the future, post technical assistance questions in the right thread. The Foyer is for intros only. People with tech skills will be in the other threads actually looking to help. The Foyer and Lounge are NOT for serious questions or assistance and you'll get far fewer if any responses. Have fun!!!

        K ;-)
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          Thanks guys for these tips - will check it out right away, and apologies, I'll use the correct tech threads next time. Cheers, Ian


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            Yep, you can do it either way, through Setup or Shift + USB Mem (to get Copy function), with different capabilities.

            The Setup method lets you preview the kits without copying them to a user location, but also provides copy functions:
            Setup --> Page Group B --> Kit Sel --> Choose TD-20X or TD-30 as source and scroll through the kits
            Play your drum and cymbal pads and you'll hear the currently selected kit.
            From there you can choose to copy an individual kit or a batch of kits.

            The Copy method lets you copy individual kits or individual instruments from kits:
            Copy --> Kit --> Preset --> Choose TD-20X or TD-30 group as source and pick the kit
            Copy --> Instrument --> Preset --> Choose TD-20X or TD-30 group and pick kit and instrument
            Downside is you cannot hear the kit or instrument you're copying.
            You must know in advance what you want to copy.
            This is the only way I know of to grab an individual instrument from a kit that isn't loaded.
            Comes in very useful at times!
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              That works - many thanks :-D