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  • Hello!

    Long time lurker here - I thought I registered years ago, but obviously not! I've been using e-drums for the past 6 years, both recording and gigging, having used a-drums for the previous 40+ years. Started with a TD20kv which I eventually enhanced via VExpressions, and then for Xmas 2013 I upgraded the module, snare and hats to the TD30. Got the VExpressions enhancements for that too. Love my kit, love the Vexed stuff and love playing :-)

    Have been very fortunate to find myself playing a wide range of stuff with my Roland. I play in Neil Young tribute that features a wonderful French 'Neil'; I play in a rock and blues cover/originals band that features a stunning German guitarist; I play in an English Cliff Richard and The Shadows band (don't laugh - a lot of this stuff is actually not easy to play, especially The Shadows!!), and I also have the hot seat on drums in an internet based Genesis tribute band, called 'iGenesis'. Gigging my Roland in England and Germany is wonderful, and the kit and the sounds are always commented on, very positively, by audience members after the show. In fact, many people are stunned at how good it all looks and sounds :-)

    The iGenesis work is a lot of fun - for that I use Sonic Reality's NDV VSTs, a vintage Gretsch and a vintage Premier, and I get to play both Phil Collins and Chester Thompson's parts. Most people love the Roland, though ljke anything on the internet, there are a few people who say 'I hate the v-drums'. That's their problem :-)

    I have found this forum invaluable over the years - can't understand why I have not posted previously. Apologies. I feel rather ashamed of myself! Anyway, like many, I have had all sorts of fun with the dreaded 'hotspots' and the info on here helped me tremendously. This forum really is fantastic. My current thirst for knowledge centres around '2box', having found out about it only 24 hours ago via this very forum. Have been devouring everything on it and it looks pretty exciting - suspect I will soon be buying the module and seeing how I can get it interacting with my TD30 (shame the hats are such a pain, the TD30 hats are awesome).

    Anyway, hello and thanks for having me :-)

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    Pearl Mimic Pro, Drum-Tec 7pc Pro Series kit, ATV 14" hats, 18" ride, 10" and 12" splashes, 14" and 16” crashes, 17” china

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    Welcome! FNG here too . Just joined yesterday. Great looking set you have. I guess the td-30 allows for a good amount of expansion , lots of cool accessories there. I too am trying to figure out the sig thing , maybe you have to stick around for a while to be sig worthy.


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      Hey Superman1abe! Thank you. Hello to you too! I just worked it out! Do this -

      Your Name > User Settings > Account > Edit Post Signature

      It's easy to miss
      Pearl Mimic Pro, Drum-Tec 7pc Pro Series kit, ATV 14" hats, 18" ride, 10" and 12" splashes, 14" and 16” crashes, 17” china


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        You sound like you have been around the block a few times Alex and your experience will no doubt be invaluable here. I know what ya mean about the Shadows stuff. Brian Bennett (Not related) was a damn good drummer. Ive still got one of his instruction books here somewhere.


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          Freakin awesome and WELCOME!!!! Thanks for spreading the love of edrums, we need more of that! And thanks for the nice intro and pic.

          KEEP ON ROCKING!!!!

          K ;-)
          My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
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          A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
          A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters