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Don't sell that TD-6 !!!

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  • Don't sell that TD-6 !!!

    I recently bought a TD-11, to upgrade from my TD-6. I was using the TD-6 for drums only, and used real cymbals. (never liked elec. cymbals for a host of reasons) but I thought I would give the TD-11 a try with some high end Roland cymbals. I was able to get good results for the crash and hi hat sounds, but the ride cymbal sounds were awful. I found a way to use the TD-6 with a three zone cymbal for the Bell (bell sound) and Bow for the (ride sound) and use the TD-11 for the edge, (crash sound) and simply turn off the TD-11 Bow sound. The results are amazing. Also, you can use more than one three zone cymbal with only one TD-6 and one TD-11. I have tried the newer modules, and none of them had a ride sound I liked. At last nights practice, I was finally able to get the results I wanted, and at a much lower volume level. Try it, you will like it.

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    There was a time where many drummers were using TD-6's just for cymbals, and as an expansion to the 12 or 20. I've always heard it works great like that.
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      I own a td12. Am I right in thinking if you use another module, say for cymbals, you take the dual zone triggering from another to use for cymbal? I presume you can use the td12 cymbals? Not a 'lesser' module?
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        Awesome and WELCOME!!!!!! Post some pics of your set up and have FUN here!

        K ;-)
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