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Hello All !

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  • Hello All !

    Hello fellow drum enthusiasts.

    I am not sure how similar my story is to others, but here we go:

    Lifelong drummer, played many kits throughout the years from a Champagne Gretsch 60's club kit to a Tama Imperialstar to a Gretsh Honey Maple to my current electronic setup.
    Min reason for my switch was due to the fact that I was not able to play as much due to the noise factor.

    Looking for some tips and to share whatever have

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    Welcome aboard! Did you really join in 2005?
    TD-30++ (TD-30, Diamond Electronic Drums 14x5 snare+Ludwig Atlas Pro II, 2xPDX-8, 2xPDX-6, VH-11+Gibraltar 9607DL-LD, 2xCY-12C, CY-13R, KT-10) + DA200S, almost all on an MDS-4 and a bit on the floor.


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      Welcome to the nut house mate. The fact that you have managed to register here means you must have passed the insanity check.