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Greetings and a question...

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  • Greetings and a question...

    Greetings vdrum forum members. I'm fairly new in the electro-drum world and I recently purchased a TD-20 module off of CraigsList. I never asked about the TDW-20 expansion board when I bought it and I now find that the board is not there (or perhaps never was). Obviously anyone not brand new to this forum knows those boards are no longer manufactured. I am trying to find out NOS or used in good condition. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help with this request? If so, please let me know directly at [email protected]. Many thanks in advance for whatever help you may be able to offer. Cheers, Christopher (Los Angeles, CA)

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    Welcome to the Forums!!!! Post some pics of you and your awesome set up.

    As for the TDW20 board....haven't heard anyone lately finding one out there, they're usually already installed into a TD20 module. You *might* have to sell your existing module to buy one WITH the expansion, or, keep it as a back up/MONSTER KIT SETUP. Keep hunting around Craigslist or even pawnshops, newspapers, local rags, etc. Someone is always selling something like a TDW20 and has no idea what they have and YOU can score a deal.

    K ;-)
    My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
    E Kit = Roland TDW-20s kit // Roland SPD-S// Pearl Demon Drives//
    A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
    A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters


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      Thanks for the heads up Kenster. I appreciate it. I'll keep looking around.