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Metal Type Jam

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  • Metal Type Jam

    This is from an improvised Live Internet jam if anyone wants to listen and offer any feedback.


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    Guess not


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      Originally posted by mutant
      Guess not
      Folks are a bit slow around here...and they are missing out with this one. Very well put together. Sounds great!
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        hey thanks for listening fulrmr(Daniel), I appreciate it.

        Its probably however much Rube Goldberg, but I primarily use AD stock sounds layered additionally with just the snare from NI Studio drummer as well as BFD2 stock crash and ride cymbals, bass and snare, but mixed extremely low because it unfortunately never responded well for me as I recently described in this thread

        Nevertheless, I throw BFD2 on there as well, but very low and panned out to hopefully open the stereo image a bit more and give it a little more ambience.
        Although the overall kit sound is kept pretty dry, because I figure you can always add in Reverb afterward, but cant take it out so.

        This jam over the Internet was completely spontaneous and over about as quickly as it began.


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          nice drums and I really love the guitar work..

          so cool how you can do this over the intawebz
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            Thanks again for listening spikeithard, I really appreciate it.
            Yaa, that lead guitar guy I think is pretty good.
            You guys should check out Ninjam, its free and is like a virtual garage to jam at over the Internet 24/7.
            There's not to many drummers, so I know everybody could use some more.