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TD-30KV Flying High in Portugal

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  • TD-30KV Flying High in Portugal

    Had one of my customers send me this YouTube clip of him playing his TD-30KV in the mountains of Portugal. Absolutely gorgeous view!! Check out the camera angles too.


    Roland TD-30KV | Roland Studio Capture Interface | NMCD Acous'tric Hybrid Conversion Kit | JH Audio In-Ear Monitors Artist | Promark Artist

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    That's done with one of them thar privacy invading quad drones, ain't it.

    I keed, I keed.

    Loved that video. I think I've always kind of had buried in the back of my imagination, playing to mountains and valley, just like that.

    Portugal has been on the top of my list to countries to visit next.


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      Awesome...and no kit or power wires lol!!!

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        Simply beautiful.
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