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  • Sports Update

    I haven't done a post for a while.

    After 10 years of playing our regular gig every second Saturday at the Fortune of War Hotel in Sydney's Rocks (that the name of the area not the type of music) has finally come to an end.
    This caused a mini implosion in the band with the Guitarist going off and having some emotional issues and the Bass player deciding to get divorced again and send his free time Kite surfing.
    So what do I do I go out and join an originals band after nearly 20 years of cover bands. Band's name is The Hadron Colliders.... Back to my routes of the early 80's. I have had to go back to sitting down rather than stand up. I'm now using set list maker, Big iPad left. I've sold all my old PA rack and bought an Allen & Heath QU16. I can control it from the other iPad. I cannot say enough about this desk. Its ability to record all 16 channels to a HD plus a computer at the same time, the individual compressor for each channel, Parametric Eq, 4 FX channels plus 10 mix outputs plus Main L & R.

    At 54 I've decided to work my way up the food chain and started learning bass.
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    Good for you Engine! Glad you didn't give up and you made the move to an originals band. All the best and I like the gear.


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      Awesome Engine, it's never too late to learn another instrument. I'm glad you moved up the food chain and not down, to guitar
      Roland TD-20K, Pintech Dingbat Triggers, Mac OSX Mountain Lion, Logic Pro & Mainstage
      Ableton Live 8.3, Reaper, PC Windows 8 Pro, Sonar X2 Producer, Session Drummer 3
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