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You people are a bunch of enablers!

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  • You people are a bunch of enablers!

    Yep... I have an illness and you have all enabled me with your fancy kits, and shiny set ups. But seriously, I started out with a basic TD12 kit. Now I Have this. It's a little mixed and matched but I plan on covering them. I have the older TD12, as well as a TD8. Someone was selling a TD3 set but he added all mesh pads and included the original pads. So you can see the cymbal of the TD3 set poling up in front of my kit. It's for the kids. I'm impressed with the TD12. But so far I'm REALLY impressed with the TD8. The set is a blast to play. Thanks for looking...

    almost complete-1 by DaJa Photographs, on Flickr

    almost complete-3 by DaJa Photographs, on Flickr

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    Very nice mate, enjoy!


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      WOW! "....Hello, beauty!"

      Loving the tom-arrangement and the blue wrap!
      Happy Drumming!

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        Yes...yes we are. Nice kit. Now go add some more pads to that thing!....I still see a lot space for goodies.
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          *enables some more* You sure you have enough pads and cymbals? Great kit, man! Looks really sweet to play!


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            You might think about a splash or a China cymbal to round things out. Or a new throne.

            K ;-)
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              Just added a second bass drum (KD120). It's not being used at the moment, but it will serve a significant purpose soon and it looks cool in place. I was looking at the splash/china combo. That will 'complete' the kit. I can already see I'm going to need some software for recording. The recorded sounds leave a lot to be desired.


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                Can you show how did you mount those 2 pads close to the hihat? I'm getting 3 pd-8 and i want to mount them above/close the hihat but I havent found something to mount them without using 3 clamps/tom holders.

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              Sorry it took so long to respond. here you go. Thanks

              11122 by DaJa Photographs, on Flickr


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                Ah yes, a dual tom holder. Thanks for the photo.

                Is that ball system a good one? Is it solid?


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                  It's very sturdy. The only issue I had, which was resolved with the help of members here, was the toms took different sized posts. I ordered a single ball post (lack of better term) straight from DW to fit the smaller size. It was about $12. I'm used to the old Tama Titan Series hardware. This is superior in build, fit, and finish! One thing I did notice was the single ball post I ordered wasn't a true "L" shape like the other one. I'm not sure why.