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PDP Acoustic/Triggered 2BOX Drum Kit

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  • PDP Acoustic/Triggered 2BOX Drum Kit

    Hi everybody! A few of you asked me if I could post a vid/sound demo of my new PDP kit. Here it is! I love playing it as its the best of both worlds for me =) Acoustic and Ekit!

    This is a short demo of my PDP Concept Maple 6 pc drum kit. Zildjian K Custom cymbals & A Custom EFX Crash. Acoustic/electronic HYBRID drum kit.
    Overhead Mics: AT2020
    Snare Mic: Audix i5
    Drum triggers: 2BOX Drum module triggering a Gretsch Maple kit from Superior Drummer VST
    - EKIT: Jobeky Drums: Custom 5 piece "Lacewood fade" & Hart 13" Pro Chrome snare. ROLAND MG V-CYMBALS
    - AKIT: PDP Concept Maple by DW. Zildjian K & A Custom cymbals. Hybrid acoustic mic'd / 2Box triggered kit

    MY YOU TUBE DRUM COVER CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/gregthegroove

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    I was one of the club, that wanted to see another video, and I gotta say, I have again not been disappointed!
    Your videos start to look more and more 'Pro' each time - very fine job!

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      Those "K's" in combination with your room sound good. Liking it.
      DTX700, eDRUMin 4+10, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
      Kit Pix http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=613

      My new venture, HiEnd Speakers. : voglosounds.com


      • Greg The Groove
        Greg The Groove commented
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        Yes I love the K's! Since I play in a garage, I need to have the OH mics a little lower than I would have if it were in a regular room, so it picks up a little more drums than I'd like, but I low cut the mics to roll off anything below 100hz, so that helps some. You know I was actually amazed at how good the OH mics were all by themselves. I could easily simply run a kick mic, snare and just OH at a gig and I'd be happy, if I had to.

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      Nice kit and sounds great Greg! Lovin' it! Thanks for sharing!


      • Greg The Groove
        Greg The Groove commented
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        Thanks, having lots of fun! =)