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Late night funkin' fun on 2box!

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  • Late night funkin' fun on 2box!

    Just as title says. Lovin' me some huge room sounds after a successful non module destroying card mod! http://youtu.be/oSJPO2Q-HBw

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    Cool! Congratulations on your successful card-mod!
    That video was interesting to watch: The funky Jam-Track, coupled with the TV program, the green walls, the sunrise/sunset in the back through the window, you performing... Makes for quite a viewing experience!

    Now, the one obligatory question: What kit do I hear there? Stock 2box? VST?

    Oh, and..... GO MAPLE LEAFS!

    "My best friends' name is J-SON. They used to call him 'Mr. Parse.' He has an 'Error'..!"



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      Cool thanks hairmetal! Yeah the card mod was surprisingly easy. Even though everyone said it would be I was still stressed out about it haha. Nobody wants to perform surgery on their orange child lol And yeah I aim to please with the scenery haha! This house has been here since the 1800's so the wallpaper in the jam room could use a touch up for sure lol but I prefer the natural look! As for the sounds , I'm only just starting. What you hear is a VsT for some big room kit, but I was helped with the conversion by an intelligent friend who I jam with who have me one of the kits he uses for a song to see how it triggered. When I'm less of a noob and learn what I'm doing I'll be happy to share which vst I'm using haha! And yes! Go leafs Go! (Even though we're going to get slaughtered this week)


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        Sounds great!
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