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Kit Pix Thread, show 'em if ya got 'em

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  • Originally posted by Romano1 View Post

    Yes, I thought the same thing, and it worked really well ..... I've had the kit since the 80's

    As an admin for the site, could you please go over to the DIY section, I have a post with a little more detail about the project which needs to be approved by an admin..... I am a new member to these forums and my post seems to be held up pending an admin approval.

    I had to figure out what you were talking about. It was approved yesterday; but due to a vB bug, the post was hidden. I usually catch these and fix them while I'm approving them, but this one seemed to act differently. (it's a node error during approval) They are working on a repair for this. (I've bugged them for months about it) Anyway, it shows now.
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    • Thanks Alan!!
      TD-9 V2, Converted Acoustic kit with internal DIY triggers, triggered Sabian Quite tone cymbals


      • A year since I received this Jobeky shell set (3 toms and kick) and they are doing well gigging every week (I have them in Hardcases). I've changed all lthe heads to Roland MH2 - nothing wrong with the Jobeky supplied ones other than they felt a bit 'thin'. Hardware has lasted OK but some nut box threads have got jammed which Jobeky have said they will replace (waiting)*. I always take the rubber rings off the rims. Triggering is fantastic on the toms and kick with the TD-50. Recently added the SPD-SX just as a MIDI controller triggering sounds in the TD-50 for now - great bit of kit once you understand what it is capable of
        Drumlites in all drums plus Drumlite triggers on all drums - bit of a fiddle and the many cables and XLR connections are a faff, but Drumlite have been really helpful and audiences seem to love it

        *(Jobeky have now kindly sent me a load of spare lug boxes and tension rods)

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        • I'm cross dominant which sucks for a lot of things and helps with a few. Getting the rack lefty was an unbelievable pain. In the end it required complete disassembly but the rack is actually designed to configure any way you want it. Just DO NOT take the wires out of the rack, it's meant to be reconfigured by first reversing the position of the sides, then re-angling all the poles. Don't do it alone. Your helper needn't have any clue as to how to do it, you just don't want to be stuck spinning plates with two hands and one foot. In the end it's pretty brilliant how they made the MDS rack but even getting a tom bracket on the players traditional left side next to the module required feeding the input wires through the bracket hole of the tom clamp. At this point I can re-set it to factory righty without a worry but I was horrified at the prospect of immediately voiding the warranty. But Roland is cool with any set up provided, again, you don't mess with the internal wiring.

          The kits on this thread look killer, I can't believe how cool some of the set ups are. Happy New Year to all.
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