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My Kit's Evolution...a.k.a. GAS! (warning, lots of pics)

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  • My Kit's Evolution...a.k.a. GAS! (warning, lots of pics)

    Ok, I've enjoyed threads about the evolution of all of your kit's, and how we all have to deal with GAS, or succumb to it! So I was thinking about my kit, especially since my wife just last night says, "Yeah, that's the drumset we bought originally!" I guess she's caught on... I figured I'd do it in stages, less for her to notice. FAIL. I'll continue to update these pics as the kit changes...

    So here's a basic history of my V-Drum kit.

    It starts out pretty sad...not even V-Drums at all. I don't even have an original picture of it since it was so sad. In my defense, I am a guitar player, and just wanted to see if I could even do drums, so I bought this at Costco...way cheap... An Ion iED01.


    This got me going, but I questioned the pedals, and wondered if a real pedal would be better. The fake pedal was no better than a RockBand type setup, no feel or dynamics. So I bought a double pedal and added two additional pads to the kit, one as a kick pad, and it was much better. So to continue my initial GAS attack, I decided to head down to Costco and buy another kit, and mesh the two together as it was less expensive that way to add on. But the hard rubber pads and the inability to reassign Midi notes got me looking Rolands way. I stumble across vdrums.com forum...I'm now in trouble.

    After lots of reading and no posting, I add a used TD-6V to the kit and Whoa...sounds a million times better, came with 3 VEX packs...bought the others available. But the hard rubber pads still suck, so I find someone in the Classified selling a PD-125, PD-100, and a PD-85 relatively inexpensively, so I take the plunge. Now I'm spoiled. No way to keep those hard rubber pads. So I buy a couple Pintech cymbals, and a KD-8, and it's better still. Then add a couple CY-8's and a PD-100 that Roland is closing out....Notice, still on the two Ion racks put together.


    This is good for a while, but using a CY-8 for the ride is killing me, and I'm still doing lots of reading here, so a CY-15 is in my future. I buy one...worth every penny. Start getting into VST's with a lot of help from the good folks here at the forum, notably Joe_K. Now inputs are becoming an issue so I add a TMC-6. Ahh, more cymbals, couple more pads. Hi-Hat becoming an issue, not real enough. Order a Vh-11 from the great guys at RMC. Another great upgrade.


    Trolling through Craigslist, I stumble upon someone selling a TD-10 w/ TDW-1 expansion, and the kit for $500. I pick it up if for nothing other than the investment for resale. I decide to mesh this all together and figure I'll sell anything not needed. As is to be expected, nothing goes unused. I do however end up with a few extra inputs on my TMC-6...trouble!


    Unfortunately, I've already got future GAS planned out. I plan to re-wrap all the drums, paint the rack, and upgrade some of the CY-8's to CY-14's, or go the Yamaha route since many of you are singing their praises.

    The kit as it stands right now is as follows...

    TD-10 w/TDW-1 expansion
    TMC-6 I/O

    Drum Pads
    1x PD-125
    4x PD-120
    1x PD-105
    3x PD-100
    2x PD-85
    3x PD-9
    1x PD-7

    1x CY-15
    4x CY-8
    1x VH-11
    1x CY-5
    1x Pintech TC series
    1x FD-7

    In closing...I BLAME YOU GUYS FOR ALL OF THIS!!! Just kidding. I'm kinda glad the wife can tell the difference from the first pic to the last, otherwise, she'd be quite...ummmm....BLIND!
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    My Kit's Evolution Pics...

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    wonderful odessey..I too started with the ion...

    great looking set up!
    TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
    ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
    not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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      You had me laughing out loud during this. Great and I mean great story!

      My favorite line?

      "I stumble across vdrums.com forum...I'm now in trouble."

      You are the New Vdrums Poster Child For GAS!

      TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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        Nice transformation! Great Pictorial!
        8 piece DIY Acrylic, 2x2Box DrumIt5, Gen16 4xDCP, DIY Acrylic&Gen16 Conversions, Sleishman Twin-QuadSteele hybrid, Gibraltar&DrumFrame rack, DW9502LB, Midi Knights Pro Lighting


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          very good Evolution
          My E-drum group on Facebook


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            awww..... I see some room for expansion there yet..... good work LarsYouPutz - I liked it. So what sort of music to you play?


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              Nice story Jim, but aren't there supposed to be any pictures in it ? I don't see any...


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                That is some serious GAS right there. The evolution is shown nicely with the pictures. To think that it all started with an ION set...


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                  Very Nice Progression!

                  Can you share how you have the "bass" drums mounted? Maybe even a close up picture.


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                    There are some of my favortie threads in the Showcase forum. It's really fun to watch people spend money and realize that I am not alone. Nice work Lars!
                    Hawk snare, toms, and bass; Hart ECII crashes & ride; VH-10 Hihat; Iron Cobra double-bass.
                    "I never play the same thing twice...sometimes because I simply can't remember it." - John Paul Jones


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                      Nice Lars. A great example of GAS in effect.
                      Comfy looking set up too. Keep it growing!


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                        Originally posted by eric_B View Post
                        Nice story Jim, but aren't there supposed to be any pictures in it ? I don't see any...
                        Not sure why you don't see pics, they are there.

                        Originally posted by GRMondo View Post
                        Very Nice Progression!

                        Can you share how you have the "bass" drums mounted? Maybe even a close up picture.
                        The Bass Drums are mounted using cymbal mounts connected to the bottom bar of the rack. The pedals are then screwed down to the floor using a flat piece of iron through the clamp on the pedal. Gives the illusion of floating bass drums...lol.

                        Updated 3d.JPG

                        Not very elegant, but it works. I do plan to build a proper base that will be screwed down to the floor and allow the pedal to clamp to it in order to minimize some drum vibration, but honestly, with those cymbal arms, it doesn't move much more than when I strike a tom with a stick.
                        Last edited by LarsYouPutz; 05-30-20, 04:41 PM.
                        My Kit's Evolution Pics...


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                          nice story mate..do you introduce yourself this way: "my name is Lars, and i have a problem.." ?

                          admitting it is the first step.

                          BTW - can you play this thing?


                          The Dust Revival Band

                          Spinifex Rose

                          Kristy Lewis and the Wretched

                          Wayfaring Strangers


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                            Since my name is Jim, no...but I do have a problem.

                            Play??? Who has the time....lol. Actually I do OK, no Peart mind you. I'm a guitar player who dabbles in drums, so I have to deal with GAS on two fronts. But, THIS IS IT...for now. I really have no other wants as of this moment. Perhaps the Evil Drums SDX, but that's it...ohhh noooo, help me stop!!
                            My Kit's Evolution Pics...


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                              You make me jealous with GAS! A very nice set up, I must say. I'd like to see a video of you playing this bohemoth. I have just a standard TD-9 kit with 3 toms, kick, snare, HH, 2 crashes, and a ride and I find I have enough there to satisfy most of my drumming needs. I wouldn't even know where to begin on a kit like that!

                              Great story, by the way!
                              TD-9 with Master 50 VEX pack. Three PD-85 dual triggered toms plus one 10" Hart Acupad. 10" Jobeky Drums snare. 8" Hart Acupad kick. CY-5 as hats, CY-8 and CY-14 as crashes, and CY-12R/C as ride.