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The weasel kit, stage 1.

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  • The weasel kit, stage 1.

    Here is my kit. i finally got round to taking some pics but they are on my phone so sorry for the crapness and the dodgy montages. There is no room to get a decent pic.

    As you can see it is on its way to being an e-replica of my A-kit (also im my profile albums). I've been modeling the custom kit on the td20 to sound like my A-kit too.

    What ya think?

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    Interesting layout W-H,

    3 hanging toms and 1 floor tom, but then you have the china right out on the RHS, the other kit toy "behind" the hh and no cymbals directly in front.

    Any reason you evolved it into this layout?


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      I think I've seen the setup of 3 toms and 1 floortom in the past too on this forum. As far as the cymbals is concerned, isn't that a logical setup? My cymbal setup is kinda the same... My complete setup is actually, but I have a 2nd floortom as well.

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        it's all about ease of play and speed of play. i find if i place things so that my forearms move but from the elbow up i move as little as possible, then I get the most expression with the smallest movement. It all stems from when i used to play in punk bands. I did fast stuff like early lagwagon and early nofx where it helps to have a tight setup to get the rolls in. my style still calls for bursts of super fast rolls and cymbal hits so the setup stayed the same. it the most economical layout for me.
        The crashes are in the easiest place for me to play them at speed from the snare and toms.
        I found i used the china most to finish big fills and stomping parts so it moved to the end of the kit. It is still an easy flick of the wrist from the snair too for light accenting
        The splash is placed so as to be as close as possible to the HH and snare without hindering movement from the hh to the toms.


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          nice kit! mine kit is setup exactly like that as well, 3 hanging toms and 1 floor tom. i like the feel of it too.
          My e-kit

          My a-kit


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            Really cool kit and nice set-up.i agree that no matter how big or small your kit is it all has to do with speed , accuracy and comfort.
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            check out a few videos http://www.youtube.com/user/hampisdrums


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              That tom layout is EXACTLY how I had my A-kit arranged as well, so your setup makes PERFECT sense to me. I'm suprised you play punk though, with that setup I figured you were more of a metal player.


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                Well i play evrything theas days. metal,punk,funk,deathmetal,jazz,pop,rock... so the setup is for evrthing not just punk. infact I dont get much chance to play punk these days really hmmmmmmmm.... me thinks i'll be playing punk songs this arvo

                If ur intrested check out:

                http://www.myspace.com/barrelass This band was the most fun i've ever had. i got to play so many difrent styles.

                Also check

                http://www.myspace.com/tunguskabutterfly Godzilla and Go Like the Stink are my faves. there used to be more (better) tracks up there but since i left the basist took most the best stuff down for some reason.


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                  Another vote for the three up, one down configuration here. Oddly enough, I'd never really considered that setup until I bought my current kit. It was a used kit and the previous owner had it set in a 3-1 configuration. I loved it when I was testing the kit, so I kept it that way after I bought it. Plus, it leaves me with plenty of room for my SPD-S on the right.

                  Cool kit! Thanks for sharing the pics.
                  >>>See my E-kit here<<<

                  >>>See my A-kit here<<<


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                    How are those kit toys treating you?
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                      They are amazing. They are a bit louder than a roland e-cymbal when u hit them but they are still just great. I give them a 9 out of 10.


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                        That Looks Sweet, Very Playable.., I Wanna Jump On It Lol..

                        are u using a midi converter for the kit toys?