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Bali Button.... listen, comment, criticize, compliment?

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  • Bali Button.... listen, comment, criticize, compliment?

    Hi All,

    Your thoughts?

    Bali Button v1.zip

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    Interesting assembly of sounds. Gets downright hypnotic after a bit. Some of the rhythms are at tiny bit uneven, so as you continue to add layers, the basic beat seems to get lost for a bit. Still, a nice experiment. Thanks for sharing!


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      I also liked it Hercules,a progressive feeling,thanks for sharing
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        Very interesting start. Now go add some more movements and you will really have something.


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          I like it...reminds me of something from Max Roach's old percussion group M'Boom.






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            Thanks guys,

            I really appreciate the feedback - you tend to get buried in the song when you're writing/playing it and lose a little objectivity.
            - I agree with you Sticky that some of the rythms get uneven in the middle and I'll fix that up in the final version.

            To explain the "song"
            - I've written a larger song on western instruments and created this segment as a bridge between 2 movements
            - I'm using S.E.Asian instruments (Saron, Gender, Bonang, Anklung, Chenchen open/closed, Chimes, Log drum)
            - it is supposed to emulate the Balinese Gamelan orchestra and was inspired by a ritual I saw once to worship the "god" Hanaman (remember the series Monkey? - that's him, rated as "equal of heaven" due to a stalemate battle he had with the forces of heaven)
            - it basically is supposed to sound like the clamour of the approach of Hanaman

            Thanks for listening


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              I like it, it took a while to "get", about 1/2 way through the echos are a bit fast and gather up ? ..maybe
              Nothing of importance here